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Natural Eating 101: Week 1 The Diet Mentality

The Diet MentalityWelcome. This is the first article in a series entitled Natural Eating 101 where we will focus on the diet mentality. Natural eating refers to an easy and peaceful relationship with food where you simply eat when you’re physically hungry, stop when you’re comfortably full, make honoring choices about what you eat overall, and have any food in moderation. No guilt. No shame. No sneaking, hiding, binging, restricting, purging. When you eat naturally, your body comes to its natural weight without rigorous exercise programs and without dieting or restricting. And it stays there. (more…)

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The Fastest Path to Self-Confidence, Part Deux

how to become self confidentLast week I gave you a little task designed to help you begin to quickly get grounded in your right to feel and think as you do and to ask for what you need without guilt, shame, or insecurity and become self confident. I’ll recap the core message, since I know it’s been a busy 7 days, and some of you may have forgotten, or not have yet got around to reading last week’s article, The Fastest Path to Self-Confidence. The short version: If you’re using food to cope, you’re out of touch with reality. There, that about sums it up! Have a great week. Just joshin’! There’s more. Let me fill that statement above out a bit for you and then let’s move on to answering the question: “What can I do to feel more confident in my life as quickly as humanly possible, and in so doing, stop feeling so overwhelmed that I harm myself with binging, purging or restricting?” (more…)

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Core Beliefs Built on Trauma Don’t Serve You

Sometimes we resist seeing things a new or different way, despite much supporting evidence because we fear that if we let go of our story that means we have to say that events didn’t impact or harm us. Trust me, that isn’t so. You were clearly impacted by those events or you wouldn’t have had to use the coping strategy of co-dependency and  food and body image focus. No one is disputing that you were impacted. What I’m saying is that instead of just being impacted once for each incident, which is traumatic enough, the old core belief that you carry only serves to re-injure you daily. You don’t deserve that and it does not benefit you in any way. It is my intention to support you to stop.

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A Note on Jealousy and Insecurity

Jealousy and InsecurityOne of the most obvious forms of all-or-nothing thinking that we humans engage in is a little thing we call the green-eyed monster, a.k.a. good, old-fashioned jealousy. On the surface jealousy appears to be a simple thought, one that has you wanting something or someone that someone else “has”. But that thought has very deep roots and is itself rampant with all-or-nothing thinking which only makes you feel stuck, hopeless, and diminished. Anger is a response to a threat. We only ever feel angry when we truly feel sad and scared about something. Jealousy has a strong element of anger, a sense of judgement and injustice that belies our underlying fear and sadness. And why are we sad and scared? Well because when we’re aware of feeling jealous of someone it means we must have had the following thought just a second before: “They” have something you not only want but believe you “should” have, and by virtue of “Them” having that thing, you are less likely to have it yourself, and not having that thing makes you less valuable, less worthy than they are. Therefore, your worth / okay-ness as a person is dependent on that person. (more…)

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Stopping the Eating Disorder Triggers

eating disorder triggersFor this week’s article I’m happy to respond to a question from a telephone client on the Eastern Seaboard about stopping eating disorder triggers. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s relevant to anyone at any stage of the journey to complete freedom from food and body image stress, whether you have an eating disorder or just feel that food focus takes up more time and energy than you’d like. Question: “One minute after our talk, which I found extremely insightful as I always do, I walked out of office and into my cubicle to have my lunch.  I had ordered egg salad on a wrap and fruit.  I was ready to eat until full and, if I wanted, to finish rest later if I got hungry.  I’ve really been working hard on trying to listen to my body cues. (more…)

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Weekly Centering Update – Summer Workshop Success!

Well! It’s been another transformative week here at CEDRIC.  Sarah Atkinson facilitated a great Phase I workshop in Victoria to a full house! And based on the feedback, it is clear that a lot of fun and learning was had by all. Our Kelowna events for Professionals and for the general public are starting to fill up which is very exciting as it’s my first offering outside of the lower mainland. I’m looking forward to it on all fronts! My sweetheart and I may even try to fit in a holiday which would be lovely in that region in the summer (if you like heat and lakes and wine…which I most certainly do!). We have a Phase II workshop the last weekend in August in Victoria which has 2 spaces left at this point (August 27 – 29th) and many more Phase I and Phase II events in Vancouver and Victoria in the fall and beyond. We are also having fun planning our first ever CEDRIC Centre tropical destination retreat! Oh Yeah!  If you have suggestions on where that might be held (your favorite destination) let us know. We welcome your suggestions. This event will likely be the first of many annual, all-inclusive, CEDRIC events and we anticipate it will happen in late February, early March, 2011 Again, feedback is welcome. Below you’ll read just some of the great feedback from our Phase I participants of last weekend. And I trust you’ll enjoy the article for this week as I respond to a question from a reader about her nighttime binging. Have a fantastic week, and don’t forget to check out the new little video we’ve got as an intro to the CEDRIC Centre on our home page. I think the folks who made it did a great job! Love The CEDRIC Centre - Michelle Morand Phase I Weekend Workshop Feedback, July 16 – 18, 2010 “The resources were great!” “The honesty and personal disclosures of the counsellor really helped and gave me hope and faith in this process.” “I loved the Drill Sgt. dialogue!” “It was absolutely amazing!” “For the last 3 days I was able to feel relaxed about food!” “I am so grateful that I now have concrete tools I can take with me and use when I need them!” “The breathing exercise was so helpful!” “This is a great workshop and it has definitely opened my eyes!” “It was such a safe, comfortable and supportive setting.” “I liked how, if I wasn’t able to express myself fully on an issue, someone else always touched on it for me inadvertently.” “I loved the lunchtime exercise and how I was able to check in about my hunger and fullness and then talk about it later as a group.” “I loved the healthy assortment of food and teas!” “I liked the progression of the weekend from food, to self, to others.” “You are a personable facilitator, Sarah, who was perceptive in your interactions with the group!”

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Back to the Basics of How to Overcome an Eating Disorder

How to Overcome an Eating DisorderFor this week’s article I thought a wee review (intro to you newcomers) of a basic principle on how to overcome an eating disorder would be in order. In my own healing journey, the more I was reminded of this basic premise, the faster things went and the easier life became. I see this phenomenon repeating with my individual clients as well, so here goes. Simply put, if you’re restricting, overeating, purging, hating your body (no matter whether you’re truly overweight or underweight), feeling depressed, feeling anxious, drinking often, taking drugs, numbing out regularly to the T.V., or spending money you don’t really have on stuff you don’t really need, you are using a coping strategy. (more…)

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CEDRIC’s Weekly Update for Week 25, 2010

Hello! I hope you had a week of positive experiences and forward momentum. If not, would you like to?  If the answer is yes, then it’s time to reach out to us for some support and give yourself the gift of complete and lasting freedom from food and body image stress. Whether you identify yourself as having an eating disorder, such as anorexia, bulimia, or compulsive eating, or whether you would say you binge or diet more than you’d like, or even that you’re tired of carrying those extra few pounds and that nothing you’ve tried seems to stick, The CEDRIC Centre has a program for you. Send us an email if you’d like to know what approach would suit you best or would like to begin to see changes in your overall stress level and in your relationship with food today. CEDRIC Podcasts: The best news from this week is that our podcast is up! Yayayayay!!! Every week you can now download The CEDRIC Centre podcast from itunes or from our site directly. It’s just another way for us to support you to get the information and tools you need to feel truly happy and peaceful in your own skin.  Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. CEDRIC Kelowna Workshops: We have confirmed our date for our Kelowna event. Yayayay again!! Wednesday, August 18th, I’ll be hosting an event during the day for professionals and that evening from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., I’ll be hosting an introductory workshop for the general public. We’ll have registration details on our home page asap. In the meantime, feel free to email me directly and I’ll answer your questions. We will be returning to Kelowna in late September to host a 3-day transformative weekend workshop at the Grand Hotel, so if you’ve always wanted to attend one of those events and Kelowna is closer for you, here’s your event! Well, there is always a lot more I could share about the week at CEDRIC with clients graduating and exciting sharing on our web program, but that’s enough for now. Have a fabulous week, and remember, if you’re still stressing about food and body image in any way, you don’t have to. Our program works; it works quickly; it works simply; and it works forever. Freedom is just around the corner. Oh, and before I go…interesting themes have come up in recent discussions with our clients, so I would like to draw your attention to an article re-print from our on our blog that I wrote on the fear of judgement. As always, it speaks to the issues behind your food and body focus. I welcome your comments! Love The CEDRIC Centre - Michelle Morand

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CEDRIC’s Weekly Update for Week 24, 2010

CEDRIC Centre Weekly Update We’ve had another busy, busy week with new individual counselling clients, new intensive healing retreats starting, lots of registration for our Victoria Phase I workshop (still a few spaces left), book sales, web program registrants and new newsletter readers. So if you’ve been carrying the belief that you’re alone in your stressful relationship with food; that you are the only one who suffers from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, diet mentality, body image nasties that just won’t leave you alone, here’s proof that there are many men and women out there in the world who are tired of those old behaviours and are ready to try something that actually works to reach their goals of a healthy, sexy, natural weight for their body and an easy, peaceful relationship with food. Ahhhh, you can feel the peace descend! Our programs and events are popular because they work, and quickly too! Not years later, but now, when you begin. We are very excited about our new centre in Vancouver opening in September, and have plans to offer workshops in Kelowna and Calgary through the summer or early in the fall, so there will be even more opportunity if you live elsewhere in Canada to attend a transformative 3-day workshop! And if you live in Europe or the USA, just let us know if you’d like us to bring a 3-day event to you and we’ll do our best to make it so! Have a fabulous week of growth and change. Love The CEDRIC Centre - Michelle Morand

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Afraid to Make Mistakes?

Afraid to Make MistakesEver feel afraid to make mistakes? You can’t expect yourself to do something perfectly the first time around. In fact, you won’t be perfect (i.e. never make mistakes) right out of the gate (or ever for that matter). If you expect that or believe that there are others who are able to do that, you will sabotage yourself and you will never move forward. If you carry the belief that you have to be perfect and that if you can’t be perfect and guarantee that you’ll not make a mistake you’re not even going to bother trying something, not only are you going to experience a very stifled and rigid existence but you’ll probably feel anxious and on the verge of a breakdown most of the time. That kind of thinking is supreme all-or-nothing thinking and it is what is keeping you stuck in all areas of your life, guaranteed. If you use food to cope, you likely had a primary caregiver or mentor in your life who did not allow mistakes, someone who shamed, blamed, criticized or judged you for not doing something perfectly – or rather the way they thought it should be done. (more…)

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