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Weekend Workshop FAQ

What is the daily schedule of the workshops?

We are together from 10am to 5 pm for each of the three days.  Beverages and snacks will be available in our meeting room, and we will take a working lunch break of 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  

Each day consists of a stretching/movement component, a teaching component, group practice, individual practice, and group discussions.  

We thoroughly explore key components of the recovery process such as core stressors, basic needs, coping strategies, self-awareness and our resistance to it and our relationships with others and how they help and hinder our healing.

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Do we all eat together at lunch? I’m worried about eating around others.

We completely understand the food issues that concern you when taking part in an event like this, however, as you’ll be learning, it’s not about food.

Our lunch hours are spent together either in a catered meeting room or at a local restaurant enjoying connection and conversation while taking part in a mindful eating exercise designed to support you to safely connect with yourself around food and to deepen your understanding of the complexities of your relationship with food.  

Whatever you’re feeling is perfectly okay to experience. You can choose to eat or not. However you need to cope at the time is just fine. You will be constantly encouraged to take care of yourself and to focus not on what you’re eating or if you’re eating but on what’s going on to make you feel the need to use food to cope.  

Just know that we will always support you to do what is right for you in that moment.

What should I wear?

Please dress in casual, comfortable clothes. We’ll be sitting for much of each day with some light movement so whatever feels most comfy to you is what you should wear.  

Summertime in Victoria can be pleasant and sometimes quite hot, so having light clothing as well as clothing for windy conditions is good, as we are located right on the Pacific Ocean.

What else should I bring?

If there are any special needs you have for comfort (ie. cushions/back rests etc.), please bring those. And if you have a special notebook that you’d like to use for the workshop bring that.  

Notepads, pens and a workshop binder filled with handouts will be provided for you.  

Snacks will be provided but if you would like to bring your own drinks or snacks to make sure you’ll get to have what you’re most comfortable with, please do.

What is included in the price of the workshop?

The workshop fee covers 3 full days of tools and learning facilitated by CEDRIC founder Michelle Morand. Snacks are included. Lunches are not covered in the fee.

I’d like to use the payment plan you offer. How does that work?

We want you to be able to access the support and change you need now.  We will do whatever we can to make it work for you to join us.

For our standard payment plans, Paypal takes care of the process of charging your credit card automatically.  When you register, your first installment is immediately processed, the second and third automated payments follow, each 30 days apart.

You are also welcome to send us cheques or an on-line bank transfer if you prefer not to pay via credit card. And if you need to stretch your payments beyond 3 instalments, just let us know and we will arrange a schedule for you. Call 866-383-0797.

Do you have information on the best places to stay near the workshop venue?

If you need help with accommodation, just call us and we will send you a list of suggestions with something to suit all budgets.

How many people usually attend your workshops?

Typically we have 6- 10 people per workshop. We know from experience that you learn a lot from the sharing of others and that you also need the space and time to share yourself so we are mindful of maintaining a good balance.

Once I register, how will my registration be confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation email that your payment has been received. Within 24 hours you’ll also receive an email welcoming you to the workshop and asking if you have any questions that haven’t been answered here.

You will also receive an email from us two weeks before your workshop with a little more detail about the flow of each day.

What’s the difference between the 3 workshops?

Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour
This workshop is for people who are new to the CEDRIC Centre’s philosophy and tools and who are ready to see transformation in their relationship with food.

Mastering Balance
This workshop is for people who are familiar with CEDRIC’s philosophy and tools and have been successful at applying them to their relationship with food but are now ready to deepen their self-awareness and their sense of security with themselves and in their relationships with others.  This event focuses predominantly on communication tools, self-responsibility, and learning how to create a peaceful and balanced life.

Mastering Relationships
This workshop teaches you how to truly feel deserving of love; How to ask directly and respectfully, with confidence for what you need, from anyone, anytime, anywhere – without feeling scared, selfish, or having heart palpitations! You’ll also learn how to feel confident in your ability to communicate in a way that demonstrates respect and dignity for yourself and creates safety and trust in all of your relationships.

Is there anything I need to prepare before I come?

Not a thing – Just bring an open mind and a readiness to be done with food and body image stress and you’ll fit right in.

What happens after the workshop? What if I need more help?

Often, participants will arrange to take part in some one on one counselling sessions with Michelle or Dawn to solidify the changes they have made and fine tune and tweak their new tools in real world situations. The web based program is a great way to stay connected to your group mates, get regular teleclasses with Michelle and cement the tools you’ve learned.

Our door is always open and we encourage you to email us any time you have a question or feel stuck – we are happy to take a few minutes to respond and help you to move forward quickly and easily.  That’s what the CEDRIC Centre is all about.

What if I need to leave the conference room or take a break and get some air for a while?

The underlying theme of CEDRIC workshops is that you are encouraged to take care of yourself at all times. You are encouraged to participate in all discussions and exercises but you are also encouraged to honor yourself and what you truly need in that moment.  

Let this workshop be the place that you begin to finally let yourself be true to yourself; ask for what you need; and only do what really feels right for you. If you need some space, take it.

If you prefer not to share around a particular exercise, you will be validated and supported to honour your need for privacy.  This weekend is for you.

What if I have to cancel coming to the event?

Your registration is non-refundable.  However, you can transfer your registration to another weekend workshop or to a series of individual sessions if for some reason you are unable to attend.

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