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Video Programs to Help with Emotional Eating, Binging and Eating Disorders

If you are tired of having your life ruled by food and bad body thoughts; if you’d like to feel deserving of the things you want; if you’d like to have only relationships that are life enhancing and bring out the best in you take this opportunity to create a life that is completely free from self-defeating behaviours and thoughts. It is possible, we know because we’ve done it and you will too!

Food is Not the Problem: Find out What Is!

Food is Not the Problem Video Programs to Help with Eating DisordersThis 2 ½ hour video explores the underlying reasons that people use food to cope. It discusses how to change your relationship with foodand heal the underlying triggers once and for all. Whether the issues is overeating, restricting or purging, those patterns  stem  from some underlying trigger(s). Until those triggers are uncovered and resolved , the  same old patterns will repeat.The goal of this video is to explore why you  use food to cope and to provide you with enough information and support so that you can, from the safety and comfort of your home, create profound and lasting change in your relationship with food.

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Self-Love: How To

Self Love: How ToTo solidify your new relationship with food you’ve got to expand your perspective of the world and, most significantly, of your place in it. This video has been created by CEDRIC Centre Founder and Director, Michelle Morand to give you a key piece of the puzzle to forever change your relationship with food and your bodyfrom the inside out.

“Self-Love: How To” contains over 2 ½ hours of education and tools plus over ½ hour of questions and answers from men and women in various stages of the recovery process.

Any behavioural change you make in your relationship with food will only be as strong and secure as your relationship with your Self. Therefore, every ounce of effort you put into healing your inner relationship – the one you have with yourself – will pay you back tenfold with a more peaceful and balanced relationship with food and with others.

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The Art of Healthy Relationships

The Art of Healthy RelationshipsFilled with educational insights and concrete and simple tools, this video will help you to understand how your personal relationships evolved, what your role play, and what you can do to change that in a way that demonstrates respect and dignity for all parties concerned. The best part? You not only get healthier relationships and a greater sense of peace and contentment within yourself; you also get to witness yourself using food to cope less and less every day until you ultimately just don’t use it at all.

Michelle Morand and the staff at The CEDRIC Centre can teach you “The Art of Healthy Relationships.” It is a fundamental piece of your successful recovery from using food to cope and any of your other harmful coping strategies.

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 Video Bundle

This is a comprehensive program for complete recovery from the diet mentality and disordered eating. These videos can take you from the start to the finish of your recovery process all for a price that is less than you’d pay for an hour  of counseling.

The CEDRIC Centre is pleased to offer three new educational videos to support you in your recovery from disordered eating and the diet mentality. Whether you overeat, restrict, purge or all of the above, these videos will educate you on why you do what you do and howto begin to have a peaceful and easy relationship with food while effortlessly maintaining a natural weight for your body.

Each video was filmed at The CEDRIC Centre and includes 2 ½ hours of education and information from Founder and Director, Michelle Morand.  As a bonus feature we’ve included over half an hour of questions and answers from men and women who are in various stages of recovery from their own use of food to cope.

This video series covers the entire recovery process from an  awareness of what might be triggering you to use food to cope to how to create lasting change in your relationships with others and yourself.  The videos provide clear and specific tools to not only deepen your understanding of why you do what you do with food but to forever heal the way you relate to yourself, others and the world around you.

This 3 Video set contains over 8 hours of key information for your personal growth and recovery from overeating and restrictive patterns around food. Download the entire set now and begin your healing journey today!

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Side-Stepping The Food – Emotion Power Struggle

Side-Stepping The Food48 minute Video: Filmed at the Victoria Total Health Show in January, 2012 – Michelle reviews what drives us to turn to food, including a really interesting examination of dopamine.  This video is great overview allowing you to  understand all the dynamics at play in the struggle with food, which is a big step on the road to recovery!

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