Cedric Centre for Counselling Inc.

About the Centre

The CEDRIC Centre is a counselling centre and on line counselling service and community that will show you quickly and simply how to stop emotional eating, binge eating and eating disorders for good.

  • We help you to understand why your relationship with food is so stressful and what you can do to change that, forever.
  • We teach you how to trust yourself to be around any food in any quantity and any time.
  • Learn how to truly feel safe with food and how to feel really confident and comfortable in your skin.
  • Free yourself from food and body focus and start really
    living today.

Why We’re Different

  • To be free from food and weight issues you don’t
    need to watch what you eat for the rest of your life. In fact that is
    the absolute worst thing you can do.
  • We do not focus on what you’re eating or what you
    should or shouldn’t be eating.
  • We teach you how to find your way back to a normal relationship with food.
  • And, we teach you how to identify and solve the most important piece of the puzzle:
    • Why you are eating: What’s making you reach for food when you’re not hungry;
    • and what can you do to put yourself in a position to freely choose to stop;
    • and to have confidence that you are in control of what you eat and what you weigh?

What CEDRIC is Not

  • The CEDRIC Centre is not a weight loss centre.
  • Our program is not a diet – but you will lose weight naturally with our program if you have extra weight on your body.
  • We don’t weigh you or care what you weigh. We care about why you’re not where you want to be and we help you get there asap.

The CEDRIC Method gets immediately at the root of the problem and teaches you a surprisingly simple and amazingly effective approach to complete freedom from food and body focus, forever.

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everything you and The CEDRIC Centre did for me last year.

I have been doing very very well!! I have been completely free of my emotional eating for over a year now. Wow that is exciting!

The counselling I recieved has truly changed my life. I look back on those few months I spent in Victoria…and I will cherish it forever.”

– Dana

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