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Eating Disorder Awareness Week, UK, 2013 runs from Feb. 11th to 17th Eating Disorder Awareness Week, USA, 2013 runs from Feb. 24th to March 2nd Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Canada, 2013 was Feb. 3rd to 9th             Welcome our Media Room.  Here is the  CEDRIC_Centre_for_ Counselling_Media_Kit.Book-on-Eating-Disorder-Recovery-by-Michelle-Morand,-MA,-RCC After 20 years specializing in helping people overcome stress with food and weight, Michelle Morand, MA, RCC has become a seasoned communicator in a variety of media and has developed a wealth of resources, some of which we are happy to share with the media in order the get the message out to people, that they can overcome their stressful relationship with food, with knowledge and tools.  Michelle wrote the book: ‘Food Is Not The Problem – Deal With What Is!’  which has helped thousands of men and women, of all ages and sizes to find more peace and freedom with food.  The CEDRIC Blog contains 10 years woorth of featured articles by Michelle, on various steps and aspects to lasting recovery with new articles showing up all the time in our Bi-Weekly Newsletter. CEDRIC-Centre-Free-PowerPoint-Presentation-on-Natural-Eating. Review Michelle’s archived articles and PowerPoint Presentation for quotes, statistics, underlying reasons for all kinds of eating disorders, and other less than healthy ways to cope, tips for recovery, and more:  Natural_Eating_PPT_Presentation Please take advantage of Michelle’s free articles, audio and video clips.  If you would like a clip from Michelle’s video  presentation of ‘Side-stepping the Food Emotion Power Struggle’, let us know which section you are interested in.  We’re providing a download of the video free to the Media, upon request, and emailing certain clips. See 2 samples below. Watch the video clips listed below, or go directly to our video channel:  Eating-Disorder-Counselling-Info-Pkg-CEDRIC-Centre Eating-Disorder-Counselling-Free-Articles-from-the-CEDRIC-Centre    Live_Events_at_The_CEDRIC_Centre_For_Eating-Disorder-Counselling    Eating-Disorder-Counselling-info-pkg~CEDRIC-Centre    Eating-Disorder-Counselling-Media-Kit~CEDRIC-Centre    Eating-Disorder-Counselling-Resources~CEDRIC-Centre    Eating-Disorder-Counselling-Twitter~CEDRIC-Centre    Facebook-for-CEDRIC-Centre-for-Eating-Disorder-Counselling Members of the media who would like written material, audio or video clips, or an interview in some form with Michelle Morand, MA, RCC, on various aspects of Eating Disorders, are welcome to email us at info@cedriccentre.com, or call 250-383-0797 , or toll free: 866-383-0797, or contact Michelle directly at mmorand@cedriccentre.com or  778-990-4606.  See  the following videos on various aspects of stress with food, whether overeating or restricting. Michelle-Morand~Eating-Disorder-Counsellor~Samples-of-her-public-speaking Eating-Disorder-Specialist-interviewed-on-Studio-4-TV-Show             Side-Stepping-the-Food-Emotion-Power-Struggle-Highlights Orthorexia-explained-on-CFAX-Radio-by-Eating-Disorder-Specialist           Conference-Call-Excerpt~Eating-Disorder-Counsellor-explains-the-Diet-Mentality CEDRIC-Centre-for-Counselling-Eating-Disorder~Maslow's-Hierarchy-of-Needs             Food-and-the-Holidays~Tips-for-avoiding-overeating~TV-interview

Services and Resources

CEDRIC-Centre-for-Counselling-Services-and-Tools-as-Explained-by-Michelle-Morand           CEDRIC-Centre-Online-Program-for-Eating-Disorders CEDRIC-Centre-for-Counselling-Eating-Disorders~Life-Mastery~3-day-Workshops           Life-Mastery-Workshops,-intro-and-feedback,-CEDRIC-Centre's-Dawn-Cox Life-Mastery-Workshops,-intro-and-feedback,-CEDRIC-Centre              CEDRIC-Centre-for-Counselling-Eating-Disorders~Main-Intro-Video

Live Events: Excerpt from Teleclass on The Diet Mentality with Michelle Morand

2013 ‘Master Series’ 3-day Weekend Workshop Schedule

Hours: All workshops run from Friday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. Cost: All workshops cost $636.00 + tax with payment plans available.

Vancouver Workshops with Michelle Morand, MA, RCC:

‘Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour’  Dates: Feb. 22nd to 24th to 27th; May 17th to 19th; Aug. 9th to 11th; Oct. 18th to 20th ‘Mastering Balance: Creating Solid Self-Esteem and True Inner Peace’ Dates: March 15th to 17th; June 21st to 23rd; Nov. 15th to 17th ‘Mastering Relationships: The Relationship Equation’ – July 26th to 28th; Dec. 6th to 8th Venue for all Vancouver Workshops: Century Plaza Hotel,  1015 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B6


Victoria Workshops with Dawn Cox, M.Ed., psych, RCC:

‘Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour’ Dates: March 8th to 10th, July 19th to 21st and November 8th to 10th ‘Mastering Balance: Creating Solid Self-Esteem and True Inner Peace’ Date: Sept. 13th to 15th Venue: Cardiff Place Common Room at 1246 Fairfield, Victoria, BC, V8V 3B5


Calgary Workshops with Michelle Morand, MA, RCC:

Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour Dates; July 5th to 7th ‘Mastering Balance: Creating Solid Self-Esteem and True Inner Peace’– Dates: July 12th to 14th Venue: MacEwan Conference Centre, U of Calgary, 2500 University Dr NW Calgary, T2N 1N4