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Spiritual Stress

Whether you know it or not, it is a basic human need to feel that we are a part of something greater than ourselves.

Is Everyone Spiritual?

Not everyone would refer to themselves as spiritual or as believing in some higher power. However, I will submit, that anyone you know who says they are not spiritual and yet seems to be peaceful and balanced has some form of prayer or meditation in their lives.

They might paint, or play guitar, do Qi Gong, or hike in the hills daily etc. rather than reading the bible, the Tao or the teachings of Buddha but they have some form of activity that allows them to regroup and feel connected and at one with all things; in the moment; in the flow and at peace.

Ultimate Freedom from Disordered Eating

It is imperative to your overall sense of balance and peace, and therefore to your ultimate freedom from disordered eating and the use of food to cope, that you have some regular activity in your life that brings you fully into the present and into the gentle flow of life.

Without this sense of flow, we continue to live from the false perspective that we are completely dependent on our relationships with others to provide us with the sense of security we so desperately need.

Vulnerability to Others

This makes us incredibly vulnerable to the whim of others and it leads us to repeatedly compromise ourselves to make other people happy so they won’t abandon us or reject us. It also triggers us to feel very insecure and anxious which typically leads us to want to numb out in some way such as food, drugs, alcohol, or relationship focus.

Oneness and Peace

If we’ve never felt the sense of peace and flow that comes from being completely in the moment through meditation, prayer, or some activity which has captured our full attention, it is likely that we will confuse the sense of connectedness and happiness that we can sometimes feel with friends, family and peers with the sense of oneness and peace that comes from a higher, spiritual connection.

It is this confusion that inevitably leads us to believe that in order to be happy and to feel peaceful we need the approval of someone outside of ourselves.

Again, this mindset makes us exceptionally vulnerable and will never provide any lasting sense of security, peace or happiness.

In order for us to feel truly happy and confident and secure in ourselves and in our world we must come to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are capable of meeting our own needs for connectedness, peace and happiness.

Freedom from eating disorders

Proving to Yourself

Another way of saying that is this: You will continue to use food to cope and feel uncomfortable in your own skin until you prove to yourself that you are able to stay present with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and completely love and accept yourself regardless of what you’re thinking, feeling and doing.

That is being in the Now; That is trusting in something greater than yourself; That is the ability to let go of the desperate need for control and security which has you harming yourself with food and unfulfilling relationships.

When you find whatever it is that brings you joy and passion and peace you are in Spirit; you are connected to something greater than yourself and you feel grounded, solid, alive, worthy, loved and cherished. And, you will not even consider using food to cope or any other harmful coping strategy – the thought won’t even arise in you.

Are You Struggling?

If you’re struggling with a sense of lack of purpose, passion and connection and you like the sound of being at that place where disordered eating doesn’t even pop up as an option, contact us now and arrange for a session with one of our counsellors or to attend a workshop or join our web based program. We can help.

Contact us and let us know how we can be there for you. Life is too short to spend it feeling anxious and stuck!

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