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Personalized Intensive Program

Personalized Intensive Program for Eating Disorders

Resolve your stressful relationship with food and gain the clarity and the freedom you seek with the intensive healing plan at the CEDRIC Centre. With the tools and skills you will develop, you will no longer choose to use food to cope.

The CEDRIC Centre offers a highly successful and customized intensive healing plan for individuals who have decided to take control of their lives and their relationship with food.

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Begin Your Journey To Freedom

We provide a safe and supported experience of independence and foster a trust in your own ability to make honoring choices in alignment with your goals for life and relationships.

It starts with a conversation with our experienced counsellors conducted at your convenience by phone, via email, or in-person. The counsellor obtains initial information about you and your readiness to change. We do not create a healing plan unless we believe that you are ready to get the greatest benefit out of our intensive program.

After the assessment, if you are ready, the counsellor creates an individualized healing plan for your success. The counsellor will get in touch and provide you the information about the specific programs and recommended frequency of the program. After your agreement on the healing plan, the sessions will be scheduled and we’ll provide the information about the specific dates and details.

Your healing plan is a blend of services you are interested in and our feedback about what would be most beneficial for your specific goals.

What is the Commitment?

The time to successfully attain your goals varies depending on the needs of each individual and their ability to be away from day to day life.

The longer the stay, the more immersed you will be in a new way of perceiving yourself and your relationship with food, the easier it will be for you to sustain those changes throughout life’s twists and turns.

After the initial assessment session we will discuss what is realistic for you in terms of duration of stay and what is necessary for your complete and lasting recovery. The purpose of an intensive plan is to create the opportunity for a shift in awareness and in behaviour.

Why We Have A High Success Rate

A full residential program can be cost prohibitive, access to food is restricted, and the majority of counselling is peer-to-peer instead of counsellor lead. You are not taught how to follow your own intuition with food and eating. This type of treatment can trigger more learned helplessness and stuck thinking. People often come away still struggling with food issues.

Our unique intensive healing counselling program is a semi-residential program.

You stay locally at a lodging of your choosing and come to the centre to work with us several hours every day. This provides you with the greatest opportunity for long-term success because you’ll have the chance to use new skills and discover potential trouble-areas. The next day come into counselling and use those life experiences from the night before to come to greater consciousness about what really triggers you to use food to cope.  Each day you will becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of your choices enabling you to experiment with positive new ways of responding to underlying triggers.

Our semi-residential retreats provide you with the greatest opportunity for long term success upon returning home. The more intensively you can work with us while still remaining in a semi-natural environment (i.e., on your own and responsible for your own choices) the more you will be able to work on issues that could impact your success upon returning home.

The flexibility of our program allows you to work with us at whatever time suits you. You can also attend our intensive weekend workshops or tune into our mini-workshops tele-classes. Both during and after, you have member access to the CEDRIC Centre online program that provides an exclusive member’s forum, downloadable resources, tele-classes, daily centering exercise and more.

In addition, we provide a powerful continued support process for 6 months to a year comprised of bi-weekly sessions that taper off to once a month.  

For all of these reasons, the CEDRIC Centre intensive healing program has a high level of success over traditional full residential programs.

Who Benefits from Personalized Attention?

The CEDRIC Centre personalized attention benefits the individual who is ready for and desires a change in their lives and how they relate to food. Regardless of how you handle issues with food; restriction, overeating, or purging, the underlying triggers and the healing process is the same.

The CEDRIC Centre method works successfully with men and women from their teens to their 60’s, regardless of their background.  The one thing in common with all the participants is the goal and desire for a life free from food and body image focus. 

Our role at the CEDRIC Centre is to ensure that you uncover and establish safe and life-enhancing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to replace old disordered ones.

Is This Covered By Insurance?

Our counsellors begin with a comprehensive assessment of each individual to determine which plan services would be the most helpful.  Many of our services are covered by extended benefit plans and often a certain percentage of our counselling is covered. Check with your benefits provider to determine what is covered. With some providers, coverage is provided under the heading of Addictions Recovery.

The CEDRIC Centre offers customized healing plan for each of our clients. The length of stay and the number and frequency of services needed is different for each person. Therefore, we are not able to provide a solid estimate of the plan cost.

Once we have explored your needs (in the initial information and assessment session), we can create a proposal document outlining potential costs for your healing plan.


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