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– Master Your Brain and Stop Binge Eating

Video~Life-Mastery-Workshops~CEDRIC-Centre-Help-for-Eating-DisordersMaster your Brain – Master your Behaviour – and Stop Binge Eating

In the first 2 hours of this event you’ll learn why you struggle with Binge Eating or Eating Disorders and why you can’t get a grip on food and just be normal with it.

Then you’ll be amazed to learn how simple it can be to stop Binge Eating or any Eating Disorder behaviour for good.

We’ll teach you 3 simple tools that have the power to heal each and every one of those harmful patterns, once and for all. You’ll get lots of time for practice and support so you will know exactly how to use your new tools ‘out there’ and begin to see significant changes in the way you relate to all aspects of your life and you’ll notice how much less anxious (and how much more peaceful) you feel.

When you have simple, logical steps to follow, the process of creating lasting change isn’t hard. Regardless of how many programs, methods, tools etc. you’ve tried before, you can do this because it’s simple and it just makes sense.

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“I very much enjoyed the group. I came into this thinking that I might not get my needs met. After day one, I had my blindfold off and was much more aware of myself, emotions and the world around me. Thank you, Michelle, for your kindness, love and compassion that I felt ‘missing’ for so long.”

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All events run from Friday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day.  The cost for the 3 days is $636.00 + tax, and as always, if you’d like to come and if finances are a concern, always, we’re very happy to work out a payment plan that works for you.


2013 ‘Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour’ 3-day Weekend Workshop Schedule

Vancouver Workshops with Michelle Morand, MA, RCC:Participant-Feedback-for-Workshop-on-Compulsive-Eating

Dates: Aug. 9th to 11th; Oct. 18th to 20th




Vancouver – August 9th to 11th – One Payment:

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Three Payments:


Vancouver – Oct. 18th to 20th – One Payment:

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Three Payments:


Victoria Workshops with Dawn Cox, M.Ed., psych, RCC:Eating-Disorder-Workshops-CEDRIC-Centre,-Canada

Dates: July 19th to 21st and November 1st – 3rd

Venue: Comfy, private space and easily accessible to downtown: 1246 Fairfield, Victoria, BC, V8V 3B5


Victoria – July 19th to 21st – One Payment:

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Three Payments:


Victoria – Nov. 1st to 3rd – One Payment:

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Three Payments:




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