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– Mastering Relationships

Mastering Relationships: The Relationship Equation

 Relationships are really quite simple when you understand the basics of human evolution, development and relating. In this transformative meeting of minds you’ll come to understand why people (including you!) do what they do. Mastering Relationships Throughout the entire weekend you’ll be learning and practicing the basic equation of relationships and how to ensure that you are doing your part in every relationship as best you can. This is fundamentally important to healthy relationships and good self-esteem because when you know you’re doing your part as best you can you will naturally feel confident, secure and peaceful regardless of what the other person is doing/thinking or feeling.

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You’ll also learn how to tell, and what to do, if you find that you’re doing more than your fair share of the emotional work in a relationship. And you’ll know how to create a sense of true safety, trust, respect and intimacy with all the key people in your life. And we’ll explore:
  • How you can truly feel deserving of love;
  • How to ask directly and respectfully, with confidence for what you need, from anyone, anytime, anywhere – without feeling scared, selfish, or having heart palpitations!; and
  • How to feel confident in your ability to communicate in a way that demonstrates respect and dignity for yourself and creates safety and trust in all of your relationships.
Relationships really are quite simple. It’s just a matter of knowing the relationship equation. So join us, learn the equation, and see how easy relationships can be.

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‘Mastering Relationships: The Relationship Equation’ – July 26th to 28th; Dec. 6th to 8thCompulsive-Eating-Workshops-CEDRIC-Centre,-Canada Vancouver – July 26th to 28th – One Payment:
Three Payments:
___________________________________ Vancouver – Dec. 6th to 8th – One Payment:

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Three Payments:
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