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All About That Base: Life Skills for Self-Confidence and Happiness

All About That Base: A simple and sound approach for navigating anyone or anything life brings your way with confidence and dignity.


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Do you wake up feeling anxious about what the day will bring, or filled with judgement of your actions the day before?

Are you tired of feeling insecure and fraudulent in life; afraid to be ‘found out’ and never really feeling safe, seen and loved?

What would it be like to trust yourself to handle whatever life brings your way with dignity and respect; to no longer watch yourself make choices that you know will harm you in the long run?

What would it be like to wake up in the morning feeling peaceful and energized and enthused about your day?

What would it be like to have such self-confidence that you speak up for yourself, calmly and respectfully, and ask for what you need, feeling peaceful and secure, rather than stressed and anxious and maybe not say anything at all?

What would it be like for you to just know, in your gut, that you will be able to find a simple solution to your problems rather than instantly feeling overwhelmed and anxious with anything new? You don’t have to worry anymore

The Basics of Life

Feeling confident and secure in yourself and in your relationships is quite simple when you have been taught the basics of self-esteem, critical thinking, and communication.

Sadly, few of us ever come out of our childhood with these basic tools. Instead most of us spend our lives feeling like something is wrong with us, like we’ve missed some important class where the manual for life was handed out.

Obviously, there is no, one, manual for life. There are as many ways to get life right as there are people – 7 billion at last count! –

And, there are some basic skills that everyone can learn that make a huge difference to how confident and secure you will feel in any situation.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for you to feel confident and secure if you go through life feeling like there’s something fundamentally wrong with you or that there is some key piece of knowledge that everyone else possesses that you somehow lack.

Instead you will naturally feel anxious and insecure, depressed and overwhelmed by the demands of living a life you don’t feel equipped to navigate

FYI: Most People Feel This Way

Most people have not yet learned the basic skills for life and are feeling insecure and fraudulent too. And most humans will turn to some sort of coping strategy to help them manage the stress and pressure of living life this way: Food, drugs, alcohol or other forms of self- soothing and numbing are used by most humans at some point in their lives in order to feel some relief from the constant feeling of awkwardness they feel in life.

This is completely understandable given the pressure life brings and the lack of training and skills we are given to navigate it well.

Unfortunately these coping strategies often create new problems while leaving us with the original stressors as well. Our problems get bigger, not smaller, leaving us feeling more stressed and more down, tired and stuck.

I can tell you from personal experience that this is way more stressful than life has to be.

If you’re ready to learn the basics and create your own solid base for navigating life join me, Michelle Morand, for 3 days of learning and experimenting with a simple and practical approach to living life with confidence

Introducing: All About That Base

All About That Base is the training program for life, in fact, you could call it Life 101.

  1. All About That Base helps people who struggle with overeating, chronic dieting, eating disorders and any form of addiction like drinking, meth, gambling, pornography and any other pattern of behaviour that is causing you stress;
  2. All About That Base helps people who struggle with negative body image, perfectionism, procrastination and isolation;
  3. All About That Base helps people who feel overrun by the other people in their lives;
  4. All About That Base helps people who are feeling depressed or anxious, stuck, down and tired;
  5. All About That Base helps people who find themselves feeling angry or resentful more often than they’d like and it helps those who see themselves acting out in anger towards others;
  6. All About That Base helps people who feel overwhelmed with new experiences and with change and who are standing on the sidelines watching life go by…

Stop watching life go by. Stop waiting to feel safe and ready to join in.

Come and join me, Michelle Morand, for a 3-day training program, and learn the basic tools for navigating all aspects of life with confidence and dignity.

Take the class that teaches you the basics for life and you’ll gain as much confidence in yourself and in your choices in life as any mortal and fallible human can possibly have!

Contact me directly for more information on the 3 day course and if you’d like to discuss options for individual training and counselling.

Text/call me at 778-990-4606 or fill in our contact form and you will receive a response within 24 hours.