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About the CEDRIC Method

The CEDRIC Method is a powerful yet amazingly simple set of tools that will teach you a whole new way of relating to food and show you how to stop binge eating, emotional eating and any form of eating disorder behaviour, for good.

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In fact a common comment from our clients is that The CEDRIC Method is a complete 180° shift from how they’ve been taught to approach food and the solutions that they’ve tried in the past. And frankly, that’s why it works so well and helps our clients stop binge eating and struggling with eating disorders for good.

Think about it this way. If the approaches that you’ve been trying in your efforts to get a grip on food and on your weight actually worked, you’d have achieved your goals 100 times over by now. Don’t you think?

As you’re no doubt painfully aware, most of the programs out there that tell you they’re going to help you lose weight or stop binge eating, or stop struggling with an eating disorder, approach the problem from the same, ineffective place: Food, and/or some form of exercise boot camp.

And, in reality, you can’t ever get to freedom from food and weight stress by focussing on food or by trying to change your diet.

In fact, that approach is one of the main reasons that it’s so tough for you to trust yourself around food and so hard for you to find your own way back to a normal relationship with food and a natural, sexy weight for your body.

Of course eating well and exercising moderately is important for health and fitness. But really, if you can’t stick to a diet or can’t maintain the commitments you make to exercise programs or a certain form of eating that you think is healthy for you, obviously programs that focus on food and exercise are not going to help you right now.

What you need is something that helps you to understand why you’re not able to get a grip on food and why, even though you really want to, you’re not following through on your commitments to eat a certain way or exercise a certain amount.

And then you need something that’s going to show you, in a few simple steps, exactly what to do to get a good solid grip on food and overcome the procrastination that’s been keeping you stuck.

And guess what? That’s exactly what The CEDRIC Method will do for you.

Whether you learn the method through individual counselling, our web based interactive program, our live intensive training events, a personalized intensive program, my BookCD’sDVD’s and Workbooks, you will quickly identify what’s really been keeping you stuck and you’ll see progress right away in how you feel and how you relate to food.

Changing your relationship with food does not have to take a long time and it does not have to be hard when you’re using a method that works.

But don’t just take my word for it. Below I’ve attached links to feedback from clients who wanted to make sure that others would know how much The CEDRIC Method helped them.

If you’d like to know how we can help you get a grip on food for good, read on, and then send me an email or give me a call and I can find out a bit about you and together we’ll find the right approach for you to reach your goals for complete freedom from food and body image stress asap.

I welcome hearing from you.

And, if you’d like to read client testimonials for our Book, CD’s, DVD’s and Workbooks, please visit those individual pages and you’ll get a chance to read more about what each product contains and about how our clients benefited from them.

And please reach out and contact me directly for more information on how we will help you find complete and lasting freedom from food and weight stress. My whole purpose in creating the CEDRIC Centre, the Method and all of the tools and resources that I have, is to ensure you have access to the support and tools you need to step free of the grip that food has on you. Just like I did over 20 years ago.

You’re here now, so, things are already looking up! I look forward to hearing from you.

You’ll truly be amazed how simple and speedy recovery can be.

Michelle Morand,

Founder and Director of The CEDRIC Centre