Cedric Centre for Counselling Inc.

Our Philosophy

The CEDRIC Centre Philosophy for Recovery from Emotional Eating, Binging and Eating Disorders:

  1. Food is not the problem – it may have become a problem that causes you stress if you have extra weight on your body or struggle with body image, but in reality it is merely a symptom of the real problem. The good news is that with the simple tools I’ve created and our skilled counsellors supporting you to take action to solve the real problem, food will pretty much take care of itself and your weight will return to a fit, healthy, sexy you. We’ve seen it happen in our own recovery and in hundreds and hundreds of CEDRIC clients that we’ve helped over the past 20 years.
  2. Food is just a coping strategy; or put another way, any stressful relationship with food is really just a confused response to stress, regardless of whether you overeat, under eat, or binge and purge.
  3. Until you identify and heal what’s really triggering you to reach for that confused stress response, you will continue to need to overeat, restrict or purge.
  4. Diets fail because any effort to lose weight through restriction, without a clear understanding of and solution to why you don’t feel you can trust yourself around food in the first place, can not be successful for any length of time. You’re going to binge if you haven’t solved the underlying trigger of your binging / eating disorder.
  5. Complete and lasting recovery from restriction, overeating, and bingeing is possible. Regardless of how long this pattern has been a part of your life, you can anticipate achieving complete freedom from the use of food to cope often within a few short months.
  6. A natural relationship with food means you eat when you are hungry and you stop when you are full. Barring any medical condition, it is impossible to be anything other than a natural and healthy weight for your body if you are eating in response to your body’s natural signals of hunger and fullness. We will teach you how to relate normally and naturally to food again.
  7. We exist to help you stop stressing about food and weight and to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin and around any food, any time, for life. We’ve helped thousands of men and women worldwide to find true peace with food and we will help you.