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Most people will experience the feeling of depression at least once in their life. Every one of us has painful, and unjust things occur in our lives. Each of us lose people or things which are important to us and experience unpleasant events that are beyond our control.


For some, these are just the natural ups-and-downs of life and are weathered with an understanding that the future will hold more promise. For others, these events will trigger overwhelming feelings of despair and anxiety, which make it practically impossible to imagine anything being any different or better.

What makes the difference between those in the first category, and those in the second?

Why Am I Depressed?

The answer is not a simple one and it has nothing to do with willpower, intellectual ability or physical strength. There is no single cause for depression. It seems that depression most frequently arises out of a potpourri of thoughts, behaviours, and interactions with others. Sometimes a biological factor, a naturally occurring chemical deficiency or overload, requires the use of medication for effective treatment of depression.

Through rigorous examination of all potential treatments for depression, including psycho-pharmaceuticals, three therapies have been identified as most successful and exceptionally beneficial when offered together. They are: Interpersonal Therapy (focusing on identifying and correcting social skills and deficits); Cognitive Therapy (focusing on identifying and correcting distortions of thoughts); and Behavioural Therapy (focusing on diminishing unhelpful behaviours while expanding on beneficial ones.)

At The CEDRIC Centre, we understand the need for attention to each of these areas, and offer a treatment program for depression that encompasses our thoughts, behaviours, and interpersonal relationship skills. With our support, you will be able to heal the current depression in your life and develop skills that will allow you to take an active role in preventing further episodes of depression. This is effective and lasting change.

What Can The CEDRIC Centre Do to Help?

Over the past 15 years, I have developed a simple and effective set of tools for shifting your harmful thoughts, feelings and behaviours and a step by step process for implementing those changes and making sure they stick.

Men and women worldwide have experienced lasting change in their relationships with food, with their bodies and with the key people in their lives through The CEDRIC Centre’s unique program. You can too.

What Can I Do? How Can I Stop?

I am very excited to offer you these unique online products and services. I have created them specifically to provide you with the education, tools and support you need to achieve lasting success in your relationship with food, with your body and with the people in your life. These products are designed to help you stop your negative relationship with food and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

For more information or to speak with one of our qualified counsellors, please fill out our form.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this free offering.
The CEDRIC Centre is committed to ensuring that everyone who wants information and support to heal from harmful coping strategies and their own stressful relationship with food, themselves or others, can access this support regardless of their financial situation or geographic location.
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