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– Mastering Balance

Mastering Balance: Creating Solid Self-Esteem and True Inner Peace

Are you ready to feel peaceful and happy, passionate and alive? It’s easier than you think! Regardless of what you’ve been told or what you have learned to believe about yourself, you can feel confident and happy in your own skin and balanced in all the things you really want to do.  You will see yourself following through on the goals you set for yourself and you will feel the peace that comes from knowing that everything you want for yourself is within your grasp.

In the past you’ve been stuck in your efforts to change old harmful patterns (like overeating, dieting, procrastinating, isolating, drinking, spending etc.) because, without knowing it, you’ve been compromising yourself in a variety of ways, all in a fruitless pursuit of the lasting approval and validation of others; that sweet, dreamy place where you could actually finally rest and know that you’re okay, and that everything is going to be just fine.

For the record, I know firsthand that that sweet spot of existence is real. You can definitely get there and live there.  It’s just that the way you’ve learned to think and behave towards yourself and others is getting in the way. Your training in how to think and how to be in the world has prevented you from listening to and valuing your own feelings and needs, and sadly, has naturally led you to feel anxious and to use harmful patterns of behaviour like overeating, restriction, isolation, anger, drinking etc.,  to cope with that anxiety and frustration!

This has created a vicious cycle of doing things that don’t really demonstrate kindness and caring for yourself – feeling anxious as a result – and using those harmful coping strategies to numb out – leading to more anxiety and a great need for those coping strategies….and round and round we go!

But not after this weekend! We’re going to be identifying the thoughts and behaviours that keep you stuck and then you’ll learn clear and simple strategies for making the changes that you’d like to make in all areas of your life, that feel safe and authentic and most importantly, doable!

Sound good? Good! Then join us and learn simple step-by-step tools for creating solid self-esteem, balance, integrity and true happiness.

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“I am happy! This weekend has come as a great reaffirmation of the things that we learned in Phase I, while building on the finer points of strategies to help me improve my relationship with myself and others.

I feel empowered and hopeful to put this into practice in my daily life as I’ve already felt the impact of the lessons and insights this weekend! I am excited for Phase III!!” 

– Kristy

“I found Phase II very helpful.  It fit really well after Phase I.  I can really see now the progression. 

I got more out of it than I expected and I really feel as if I’ve taken a big step forward in just a little time.  It was definitely worth following up with this after Phase I and I would highly recommend it!

Thank you for everything.”  

– Alisha

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