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Workbooks to Help with Eating Disorders

The CEDRIC Centre is pleased to offer you three key workbooks to help with eating disorders in the form of our Natural Eating and Core Beliefs workbooks. The workbooks include many exercises and opportunities to fully explore your relationship with food and with yourself.  Consciousness is key in changing any unwanted behavioural pattern. The more you understand why you personally use food to cope and what you can do to change it, the more you will be in a position to effect real and lasting change when you notice yourself wanting to use food to cope in your day to day existence.  These workbooks are geared towards creating greater awareness within you while at the same time giving you clear and concrete tools to change the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that keep you stuck using food to cope. Read testimonials about the workbooks

Natural Eating WorkbookNatural Eating Workbook

This workbook covers the basics of what sets us up to use food to cope and how your current thoughts, feelings and behaviours keep that pattern intact. If you want to take a look at what drives your use of food to cope this workbook is an invaluable resource.    52 Pages.
$20.00 Hard Copy(plus taxes and shipping)
$5.99 PDF Download

Core Beliefs WorkbookCore Beliefs Workbook

This workbook provides you with information and tools specific to your relationship with yourself and how your belief systems impact your use of food to cope. With the exercises in this workbook you will uncover, explore and begin to heal the old beliefs and life experiences that keep you stuck using food to cope.  35 Pages.
$20.00 Hard Copy(plus taxes and shipping)
$5.99 PDF Download

30 Day Core Tools Workbook – Success Made Simple  30 Day Core Tools Workbook

This workbook contains the tools you need to overcome any harmful/stressful pattern in your life, in a simple, step-by-step format with lots of space to practice, learn, heal and grow. There is loads of information as our Core Philosophies are reviewed and explored.  There are also practical breathing exercises as well as tips, and inspiration to help keep you focused and in a state of balance with all aspects of you life.  Special Price for this workbook for Online Members. (Talk to our Admin Staff about this) . 274 Pages.
$40.00 Hard Copy(plus taxes and shipping)
$15.99 PDF Download

Workbook Bundles   Core Beliefs & Natural Eating Workbooks

Both of the workbooks Core Beliefs and Natural Eating are together.
$12.99 PDF Download - Natural Eating & Core Beliefs Workbooks
Purchase all three workbooks.Workbooks
$26.99 PDF Download: 30 Day Core Tools Workbook; Natural Eating; & Core Beliefs too!