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Psychological Stress

Interpersonal Skills are the tools that we need to have in order to relate effectively and healthily to others. Many of us are raised in environments where very poor interpersonal skills are modelled. We are not taught how to maintain a strong and grounded sense of who we are and what we need, and we are not modelled appropriate ways of communicating our needs or of hearing the needs and feelings of others.

A Lasting Change

Often we come to counselling because we appreciate that something isn’t working in our lives and we want to make things different. The process of lasting change will only be successful if we focus both on our relationship with ourselves and on our relationships with others.

Nothing will sabotage the process of growth and internal maturation like undeveloped interpersonal skills. We must learn how to identify our feelings, our needs and our boundaries and feel deserving of them. That is the internal work.

At the same time, we must learn how to clearly and effectively state our needs and assert our boundaries to others.

Our Approach

All of the programs at the CEDRIC Centre, whether a group, workshop, CD program or our book “Food is not the Problem: Deal With What is.” approach your healing from three key areas of focus:

  • Your relationship with food;
  • your relationship with yourself;
  • and your relationships with others.

Each of these key areas need to be clear. You need to know that you can trust yourself to be respectful of yourself in each of those places.

That means that you learn how not to use food to cope; you learn to no longer attempt to motivate yourself through criticism and self-blame and you learn to feel safe and grounded when interacting with others: You don’t lose yourself to their needs and feelings.

Working With Us

Through your work with us you will develop skills that honour you in your relationship with yourself and with others It is our goal to support you to feel free and safe to be the same person at all times and in every situation.

What will life be like when you no longer have to pretend or sacrifice yourself and are respected and loved for you? Interpersonal skills are a key component of achieving that reality and as such, they are a key component of all of our programs.

If you would like some support in healing your use of food to cope and in learning new ways of being in relationships with others, send us an e-mail and let us know how we can best support you. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this free offering.
The CEDRIC Centre is committed to ensuring that everyone who wants information and support to heal from harmful coping strategies and their own stressful relationship with food, themselves or others, can access this support regardless of their financial situation or geographic location.
If you feel you benefited from this offering please take a moment to pass it on to others. Share the link with friends and family; like our YouTube page; pass it along to teachers and educators, fitness instructors, doctors, dieticians etc. so everyone can benefit from these tools and we can enhance our community and the lives of more men and women every day.