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Why We Binge or Restrict

As a counsellor with over 20 years of experience specializing in the field of emotional eating, binging and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, as well as depression, anxiety and trauma, I have come to identify three key areas that need to be attended to in order for clients to answer the question: Why do I binge? or Why do I restrict? and to find a lasting solution to their stresses with food, weight and body image.

These three areas are:

  1. Your relationship with food;
  2. Your relationship with yourself;
  3. Your relationships with others.

Enhance Your Trust in Yourself

Plus Sized Debate

As a therapist my goal is that regardless of whether you work with me personally, take part in our interactive web program or read my book, by the time we have completed our work together, you will be confident in your ability to address the above three key areas in a way that continually enhances your sense of confidence and trust in yourself, and that provides you with a life which is completely and forever free of food and body-image stress.

Whether you overeat, restrict, use alcohol or drugs, engage in retail therapy, get stuck in cycles of anxiety and procrastination or all of the above, your are engaged in a harmful coping strategy. The problem did not originate there, nor can it be solved by focusing on food, body image, alcohol etc.

The CEDRIC Centre program has been specifically created to support you to develop more life enhancing ways of coping in the present as you identify and heal your underlying triggers.

Simply put, when you resolve the underlying trigger you don’t even think to use the coping strategy. You just don’t need it. Underlying triggers are the events from our past and present as well as upcoming events in our lives that cause us to feel anxious, overwhelmed or depressed – or a bit of all three! 

These triggers, or stressors, come in 4 forms:

Take a moment to read about the 4 main forms of stress and see if you resonate with any of them as possible underlying triggers for your use of food to cope. If so, know that we are here to help and that CEDRIC’s program is capable of leading you to a place of complete food and body image freedom!

If you are ready to identify and heal your underlying triggers, please contact us for an Assessment, or visit our page on our Counselling Services.