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Lies that Encourage Procrastination: Don’t Delay, Read This Today!

Lies that Encourage Procrastination By Tina Budeweit-Weeks

The CEDRIC theme for March is ‘Procrastination’ and how we deal with it as we journey towards wholeness and balance. When we chronically procrastinate, we are cheating ourselves and delaying the evolution that will contribute to the success of our efforts. The world around us lures us to stay in denial, but part of taking back the power of our success is to become more vigilant with the products that we use in our day to day process.

It might seem to be advantageous to blindly barrel on and start halfway through the process by letting our eating habits remain the same as we realize that ‘Food is not the problem’ but its still necessary to do the work needed that accompanies dealing with past issues, and that is to address the fact that the world around us is not as it would seem. (more…)

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