What Can I Know For Certain?

If we have fallen into the behaviour of overeating, restricting or purging – in other words: If we use food to cope, we can absolutely know a few key things about ourselves that can really help us in our recovery.
  1. First, we can absolutely know for certain that we struggle with insecurities about our abilities; our intellect; our lovability; our acceptability and our appearance.
  2. Second, we can absolutely know for certain that those insecurities are borne of old stories; messages we were told or that we interpreted from other people’s body language or treatment of us and that those old stories are shaping our perception of ourselves today.
  3. Next, we can absolutely know for certain that these old stories that trigger you to feel insecure trigger an emotion we call “anxiety.”
  4. And without a doubt you can know that it is the anxiety you feel, that arises from these old stories about what’s wrong with you, that triggers you to focus on your body and on food in a way that is critical, undermining and stifling of your energy and creativity in life.
Without exception you can know these 4 things are true about yourself if you use food to cope. (ie. eat when you’re not hungry; eat more than you’re hungry for; or don’t allow yourself to eat when you are hungry). This is very, very powerful information. It means, quite simply, that if you focus your efforts on noticing when you’re focusing on food and body image in a coping way and immediately asking yourself: “Separate from food and body image, what just happened, what did I just think or experience, that might have triggered me to feel overwhelmed or anxious?” You will bring yourself into immediate awareness of what is truly triggering your distress (it isn’t food) and also, into the immediate awareness that there are things you can do about that stressor to resolve it or to distance yourself from it in a life-enhancing way. Worst case scenario – and I promise you this is the worst case scenario – you will find out very quickly what areas of your life you need some support with and as long as you reach out and get some new tools to handle those situations you’ll find yourself well on your way to absolute freedom from food and body image stress and preoccupation. Ta – Da! Whether you prefer one-on-one counselling (in-person, by phone, or email), our intensive and transformative workshops, or the  self-help approach, take action today to have a stress-free relationship with food. Love Michelle

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