Tina’s Journey~Falling off the wagon: Tina caved

Tina's Journey, Falling off the wagonI fell off the wagon on Spring Break week. I fell off so bad that the skid marks are everywhere on me.

I knew better, but did what I did anyways, and I blame that darned dialogue that rattles on in my mind. I thought I was better equipped to resist the arguments that came up but I caved royally and now I am paying.

I knew better than to ingest the very things that I’d identified as being problems for me. High fructose corn syrup had almost totally been eradicated from my diet. For a month, I experienced the equivalent of a ‘detox’ as I cut back on sugars of all kinds, on dairy, on highly refined foods.

I’d been so good. All last month I ate organic, followed my hard-won advice around the ingredients that I wanted to avoid, I shopped in the outside aisles of the supermarket and avoided fast food completely. As a result, my bloat dissipated, my ankles ceased their endless swelling, I had more flexibility and I didn’t feel as creaky in my joints. My skin cleared up and my slacks were JUST starting to have a little bit of give in them.

I was optimistic that my health was on the upswing and I was on the road back.

And then I had three days where I gathered up all four of my daughters where we had a little road trip that found us traveling long distances, staying in hotels and eating out a lot. Well, finding good food on the ferry was easy if you wanted nothing but salad and vinaigrette, but watching the girls mow down fat french fries, that gooey brown chemical gravy and the smell of fried chicken burgers made my resolve weaken. By the time we made it to the mainland, and hunger reared its head again, we were headed for hell in a gasoline hand-basket as I took the kids to not only Wendy’s but to Mickey D’s as well as Burger King AND Chinese food over the course of the weekend. I tried to stick to my confirmed new way of eating, but the chicken strips called my name and before I knew it, I had to eat them. Then the coffee with its cream and sugar of dubious origins… then the gummy bears… and later that night in the hotel, the bags of chips came out. Granted I ate the ones marked ‘organic’, they were still full of chemical contents that I couldn’t pronounce.

Now, two days later, I have to deal with the consequences. I’m back home and the juicer has been used several times already as I strive to counter the delayed reactions to the various things I ate with a constant onslaught of fresh fruits and dark green vegetables.

Inventory of my new ailments reads like a page out of the rags you find in the supermarket at the checkout counter. My ankles are swollen again, my gut is swollen again. I have new tiny pin bruises on my thighs and the varicose on my feet have increased, no doubt due to the increased lack of circulation from the swelling. I experienced a back ache for the last day out and the first day home that felt like my kidneys were under attack and it took more than a couple of painkillers to quell that discomfort.

So, punished I am and I can’t deny it.

I read an article by Jack Knox in the local newspaper, the Victoria Time-Colonist where he called himself ‘nutritionally illiterate’. I coined that phrase immediately as it perfectly describes the majority of the population who lets media advertising educate them about nutrition. I have been striving to educate myself nutritionally so that I am not belaboured by the long term results of eating ignorant as I witness so many doing in today’s world. I know that I will live better if I eat better and now I see, that backsliding into my old ways is no solution to acquiring a healthy balanced future as my body continues to age.

I guess I had to go through this to see the consequences that arise with my own eyes, where one takes a recently detoxified body and reapplies toxins to it.

The gift that I get from this, now that I am eating right again and now that my poor kidneys have stopped aching, is that I know how to make my body happy, and if I am going to travel, I am going to have to think ahead to prepare for the event of meals, the event of temptations coming at me from all sides, and for when I am dining among people who pay little heed to what they put in their bodies.

I really think I’ve touched upon something important here. This is a key component to my turning around the vicious circles that have contributed to my getting as big as I am.

I will take the lessons I garner from this and start writing more about what we can do to resist, to reduce the temptations that vex us, and how to travel with portable holistic foods so that we can be better prepared to continue a healthy intake of nutrition when we are among friends and family who don’t necessarily appreciate our endless lecturing about how bad they are treating their bodies by eating blind.

I’ll share what works for me and when I can face it, what doesn’t. If nothing else, you can expect a big dose of honesty and experience that might save someone from having to reinvent the wheel. The wheel on that wobbly wagon that its so easy to fall off of at the first sign of challenges.

Tonight, as I arise from a late nap (I find that exhaustion is another side effect of retoxifying myself with the additives and chemicals that are in fast food), I feel better than I have since I left for the mainland. Its been a day since I last ingested food that is detrimental to restoring my health and I am more alert now than I felt all day yesterday. Bad food really IS an opiate of the masses.

Let’s start learning how to put that nutritional illiteracy behind us, together. I juiced some organic apples, celery, ginger, carrots and parsley and felt it re-energize me the instant it entered my body. My tongue was so happy to taste the bright, fresh colours of healthy raw food and starting next newsletter, I will pass on the things that are working well for me as I morph from old bad habits of eating and cooking to embracing new healthier ways, foods that are delicious and which are building blocks to our healthy future.

I’m back in the saddle again, no more wagons for me, unless they are loaded with organic produce and healthy ingredients.

Tina Budeweit-Weeks is a member of the CEDRIC Success Team in the role of staff writer and executive assistant for Michelle Morand. Her philosophy has always been one of self-nurturance and dignity. In support of the complex difficulties clients may experience around regaining a healthy balance, Tina’s writing is designed to sympathize, support, encourage and inform. Although there are many similarities in Tina’s process, she is not a client, but a hard working, behind-the-scenes member of the team, dedicated to helping the CEDRIC Centre stay current and effective.

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