Getting to Know Your Drill Sgt.

You have an inner critic who is so filled with judgment and who believes that criticism will motivate you despite years of failure with that method of “inspiration” And yes, you very likely hear him 24/7 unless you’re fairly far along in your process in which case you’ll hardly ever hear him at all, he has been replaced by a truly compassionate, loving and effective supporting presence within. But for those of you who still hear him, frustrated thoughts of food and judgmental thoughts of your body will be going on 24/7 when the drill sgt. is around. In fact, you may be so familiar with your drill sgt. you don’t believe you have one! He may be the only voice you hear in your head right now and as such that critical presence may have begun to feel like you! Yes, you may have come to believe that the drill sgt. is actually the true essence of who you are. Not so, even for a minute! Would you like to learn more about him – your Drill Sgt? Setting Reasonable Goals What Are You Telling Yourself When I Use My Tools They Work

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