Balancing your focus by Michelle Morand

Balancing your focusToday I’d like to encourage you to step out of the all or nothing thinking and allow yourself to honor and acknowledge the reality of the stresses that you experience in your relationship with yourself and with others and with food while also allowing yourself to identify the things that are working in your life and that you’re grateful for in your past and that you’re looking forward to in the future. Make a quick little list of these three categories (past, present and future things you’re grateful for) and just allow yourself to carry it with you over the next week. Look at it each day and let yourself acknowledge that, even though you have patterns of behaviour (ie. food stress) that are harmful and that you would like to be rid of (and one day soon you will be!) there are things in your life that are positive and that are indicators of your inner beauty and deservedness. Allow yourself to balance your inner feedback. If you’re offering yourself a criticism or a judgement right now, make sure you acknowledge whatever you see as the truth of that judgment (in other words don’t try and talk yourself out of your judgment if it feels true for you) and then offer yourself another truth from the list of things you’re grateful for. Balance that feedback and you’ll begin to see your all or nothing thinking lessening and thus, your use of food to cope diminishing as well. Have a beautiful day, inside and out. Love Michelle

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