Eating Disorder Recovery Worksheets

Hello. Here are the eating disorder recovery worksheets for basic needs, the diet mentality and the matrix to help you in your understanding of some of the key concepts of The CEDRIC Method.

Understanding how your needs are influencing your emotions and your use of food to cope is key to stepping free of that harmful pattern once and for all. Basic Needs Worksheet

The Diet Mentality will help you to be able to see more clearly when your thinking is going sideways and to change the way you think about food. It is really hard to change a longstanding pattern if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and what you’re aiming for. This will help. The Diet Mentality Worksheet

And the Matrix worksheet is a great image and reminder that we cannot just look in the present moment for the cause of our stress or anxiety and desire to eat or restrict. We must also consider past experiences and future plans and how they may be impacting our emotions in the moment. The Matrix Worksheet

Once you understand the basics of what triggers you (basic needs, confused diet-mentality thinking, and stress of past and future as well as present day events) you can then begin to apply the core tools of the CEDRIC Method – The Drill Sgt. Dialogue and The List of Stressors to forever change the way you think and react to situations in your life.

There is no need for you to struggle feeling anxious and insecure in life or feeling crappy about your body or what you’re eating. Not any longer.

The solution is simple and fast and it just makes sense so you don’t have to talk yourself into it or force yourself to do it. You’ll soon be saying – OMG! That was soooo easy!

I’m here to help. Email and let me support you to rapid and lasting change.

Michelle Morand 

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