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Self-forgiveness  Well, hello! Welcome to the CEDRIC Centre blog and on-line community. Today I had an interesting experience on the way in to work. I had just pulled out of my driveway and was making a left turn onto a moderately busy road, had checked both directions and started pulling into traffic. Suddenly this SUV is right in front of me, he must have been speeding to have come upon me that quickly. He slammed on the breaks, rolled down his window and started yelling and swearing – lots of f- this and f-that – how stupid I am, how I have no right to be on the road etc. etc. Now keep in mind that I didn’t hit him. I didn’t even come close as I saw him about 5 feet before I would have pulled into his lane and braked. He didn’t have to swerve to miss me. Keep in mind also that my kids were in the car and that his were too. (more…)

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