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Peaceful thoughts = present moment

Peaceful thoughts = present moment

Any thoughts of food that trigger you to feel anything other than peaceful are all or nothing thoughts. Don’t let them run your life – Don’t let yourself spend one more day stuck in anxiety and tension in your life that doesn’t need to be there. Peaceful thoughts = present moment – that means if your mind is peaceful you’re in the present and not stuck in stories about the past or worries about the future. 

If you notice you’re beginning to feel that old familiar sense of push/pull, I love you/I hate you, just this once….I’ll start again tomorrow…., what is really happening is you’re into coping strategy mode and not in the present moment. Something has stressed you/ overwhelmed you and you’re reverting to old, instinctive responses to stress that are not rational or helpful and that will only serve to make you more anxious and have bigger problems.

The majority of your conscious and unconscious energy in that moment is either in the past or the future ie. this happened last time and that means it’s going to happen again… or…I wasn’t able to do X last time so I won’t be able to this time. Those are all or nothing thoughts because they are not allowing for the reality that something that hasn’t happened yet could clearly happen any number of ways not just the way it happened before or the worst case scenario way that your brain has attached to.

It’s all part and parcel of the instability and insecurity that is all-or-nothing thinking that stems from unmet needs within you for connection (with yourself), for reassurance (from yourself), for validation and acknowledgment of your feelings and needs (from yourself) and safety and trust (with/in yourself). Did you notice a theme there?

All of the unmet needs that trigger you to binge or purge or restrict can be met by yourself, easily.

You might not know how but don’t doom yourself to a life half-lived simply because you don’t know how to change something that is not working for you.

Reach out, get support and simple, easy tools that you can apply any time anywhere to change the way you think and behave for good.

Love Michelle

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