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Weekend Workshops - Phase 1
– Do you often eat more than you’re hungry for?– Do you feel controlled by food?- Do you avoid certain places, people, and events because of how you feel about your body? – Are you ready to be done with all that?
Here’s what you can expect from your CEDRIC Weekend Workshop: Right from the moment you arrive, you’ll quickly discover why you feel so controlled by food and how easily you can move beyond the sense of powerlessness that has kept you stuck for so long. Imagine never seeing yourself as lazy or lacking willpower ever again. Next we teach you 3 simple, yet life-altering tools that completely remove the need to rely on food as the answer to the stress in your life. The key to your success is practice, practice, practice! And that’s what we’ll be doing together – practicing our new freedom tools. We will also take time to relax and unwind with a little gentle stretching/movement component. By the end of our time together, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge about the underlying issues that drive your coping behaviour, be fortified with essential tools for long-lasting success, and have a new and refreshing outlook on life. Any questions? View the FAQs: Weekend Workshop area of our website The peace of mind you’ll gain is literally priceless. {loadposition purchaseworkshop1discount} {loadposition purchaseworkshopbundlediscount}
I very much enjoyed the group. I came into this thinking that I might not get my needs met. After day one, I had my blindfold off and was much more aware of myself, emotions and the world around me. Thank you, Michelle, for your kindness, love and compassion that I felt ‘missing’ for so long. ~Colleen
Come to the CEDRIC Centre, and you’ll leave with the ability to free yourself from food and body image stress forever. Yesssssss! Lasting change without dieting or focusing on food in any way! [Did I hear a big cheer go up?] Seem too simple and easy? The fact is our workshops have been successfully delivered for over 10 years by someone who really understands what you are dealing with. Yes, the CEDRIC Centre’s founder, Michelle Morand recovered from an eating disorder, has over 15 years professional counselling experience, and is a known expert in eating disorders and diet mentality. She has committed her life to helping others find freedom so they can concentrate on enjoying their lives without feeling compelled to use food to cope.
I really appreciate hearing from others in a group setting. I got far more than I expected out of the workshop re: self-discovery, real workable tools. ~Arden
Thousands of men and women worldwide have benefited from Michelle’s simple and profound approach and you will, too. Please join us for 3 amazing days of transformation, growth and camaraderie. Freedom from focusing on food is just around the corner.
I love the peaceful, calming setting. I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about CEDRIC. This was life-changing for me. ~Morgan

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