Complete and Lasting Recovery From Your Stressful Relationship With Food

Complete and lasting recovery from your stressful relationship with food is not only possible, you can expect it with CEDRIC`s unique and supremely successful method. Simple, fast, effective, anytime and anywhere in the world.

The Pervading Belief

There seems to be a pervading belief in our society that emotional eating, and eating disorders are problems that take a long time to overcome and that even with long term therapy and drugs etc., you can really only ever hope to manage your symptoms: Restricting and overeating food, binging and purging, bad body thoughts, anxiety and depression. In other words, our society, including many mental health professionals, carries the belief that once you have a stressful relationship with food, you’ll have it for life. Many clients who come to work with us at The CEDRIC Centre have even been told that directly by their doctor or psychiatrist, or by well meaning friends and family. How inspiring is that? How motivated would anyone be to seek help and to try to generate change when the story they’re told is that it won’t really ever work?

Well, let me assure you: The truth is something completely different.

The Truth

The truth is that your stressful relationship with food; your frustration with your body and your weight can be completely overcome and left behind for good! And not after years of therapy and slugging it out; not through drugs or mega-focus on diet and nutrition. In a few short weeks you can begin to see significant changes in how you think, feel and relate to food and to all the people and circumstances in your life.

The CEDRIC Method

The CEDRIC Method is a simple, easy to understand and to apply approach to complete change in your relationship with food, with yourself and with others. With just a few minutes of conscious effort a day, literally, you will begin to notice dramatic changes in how you think, how you feel, and in how you relate to food. No longer will you feel overwhelmed and controlled just thinking about food. No longer will you have to worry about whether last summer’s clothes will fit you this summer, or even that summer is coming!!

Simple and fast and best of all, lasting! That’s the CEDRIC Method! 
And if there’s any part of you telling yourself that it won’t work for you or that you’re the one person who really just can’t be helped and who will always struggle with food and weight, try this: Just tell yourself that every person who ever walked through the door of the CEDRIC Centre was telling themselves the very same story when they arrived. And instead of finding proof of that defeating and paralyzing story, what every one of them found instead was understanding, support and education and best of all: The key to solid, lasting change.

If that sounds appealing; if you’re ready to learn the simple steps to complete and lasting change in your struggle with food and weight, all that remains for you to do is to decide which of our offerings would suit you best.

Pick the Approach that Suits you Best

We have created programs and products for every learning style, every geographic area, and every financial consideration.

So, you can see that we have something for every learning style, every budget and any location anywhere in the world.

What approach would suit you best?

Its Time…

It is time for you to step free of the power struggle between you and food.

If you’re ready to really be done and to begin to create the life of your dreams in all ways, you’re ready for The CEDRIC Method and for the tools, support and healing that the CEDRIC Centre Team has been providing with great success for over 10 years!

Don’t let that old, ridiculous story that you can’t do it stop you from trying the one thing that actually does work!

Select your desired approach to complete recovery now:

And shoot us an email, anytime, with any questions you might have if you’re wondering which approach would suit you best!

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