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Tweets on 2009-12-06

  • Typical eating disorder onset occurs in those ages 14 to 25, yet children as young as 10 can exhibit symptoms. #
  • Finally find freedom from focusing on food and body image. Live Victoria workshop Jan 29-31. http://bit.ly/1A2awC #
  • Join me at the CEDRIC Centre Jan 29-31 for live Victoria workshop. http://bit.ly/1A2awC #
  • 70% of women are dieting and 40% are continually gaining and losing weight. #
  • Don’t let diet mentality keep you in a vicious cycle of weight gain and loss. #
  • I’ll be giving a live weekend workshop in Victoria Jan 29-31. http://bit.ly/1A2awC #
  • Eating disorders workshop Jan 29-31 in Victoria. http://bit.ly/1A2awC #
  • “Natural eaters” do not carry guilt and shame. #

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