Tips for Natural Eating: I

Tips for natural eating – One of the most significant things you can do to make the change from the diet mentality to natural eating is to allow yourself for one day to just ask yourself before you eat anything: “Am I physically hungry right now?” If the answer is no, you’re emotionally eating and there is an underlying need for physical or emotional security that you are seeking to meet in having that particular food at that time. If the answer is “I can’t tell if I’m truly hungry or not.” You’re not. Encourage yourself to wait until you’re certain that you are physically hungry. There is no uncertainty about that. You’ll feel empty physically; you’ll have a growly tummy; if you’ve left it quite a long time before eating you’ll likely also feel cranky, tired and a bit shaky – a.k.a. hypoglycemia: low blood sugar. It is important as you begin to experiment with inviting yourself to wait to eat until you truly feel phsyical hunger that you have with you at all times snacks that you enjoy and that you can eat as soon as you start to feel true physical hunger. This exercise alone will reveal to you the true extent of your disordered relationship with food. It will show you immediately how often you use food to cope; how unconscious that pattern has become; and it will even reveal to you the relationships or situations that are likely to trigger you to feel unsafe or insecure. This is incredibly powerful information to be able to gather in just one day. It sets the stage for you to safely and forever change your use of food to cope and to begin to have a life that is truly peaceful and completely free of food and body image issues. Next week we’ll look at some strategies for setting yourself up to make honoring choices. Have a great week! M

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