How thoughts can keep you stuck

How Thoughts Can Keep You Stuck 

…and what to do about it!

It really is true that how you think influences how you feel, how you see the world, and the actions you take in response.

If your thinking, like that of many others in the world, is influenced by old core beliefs, confused interpretations of your childhood life experiences, and a tendency to assume the worst, then no matter what opportunities are presenting themselves your thinking is going to tell you that you’re not worthy, deserving, good enough, lovable, acceptable etc. and therefore those good things couldn’t possibly happen to you. And even if they did they sure won’t last. And even if they last for a while it’s all going to end with you getting hurt and being abandoned and rejected so why even bother!!

Most people have these kinds of irrational but paralyzing thoughts running, like the ticker tape at the stock exchange, just beneath the surface of their conscious awareness, constantly. 

And these thoughts trigger sensations of anxiety or unease which create an even greater sense that something bad is sure to happen, sometime, and lead us to continue to buy in to those old stories and the isolation and insecurity they naturally trigger.

Those old, unconscious stories also create other nasty side effects such as eating disorders, binging, emotional eating, chronic dieting and body image stress, alcoholism, drug addiction, internet addiction, overspending and any other harmful coping strategy you can think of.

They are the root of all the harmful patterns humans behave in as well as the feelings and anxiety, anger and depression that are so rampant in our society.

What if instead of being stuck in those automatic thoughts of doom and gloom and insecurity, you could approach life in a neutral way – in the most truthful way:

You don’t know what’s going to happen or what others are really thinking and feeling; but you are going to do your best to create the outcome that you’d most like to see for yourself in every area of your life.

Which approach makes the most sense? 

Allow yourself to imagine, even for a moment, that beyond the basic laws of our society pertaining to honesty, theft and murder etc., there really is no universal right or wrong. There is no perfect choice. What it truly right for you in the moment is all that matters.

Can you allow yourself to sop and offer this thought to yourself?

And then imagine being able to trust yourself to confidently identify what is truly right for you in any moment and to follow through on doing your best to create that outcome?

What would life be like if you could really trust that you are thinking clearly, seeing things clearly, and capable of demonstrating maturity and respect for yourself and others?

There is a simple step-by-step process that you can learn that will make this your reality.

I’d be happy to teach it to you. Just email me @ Or if you’re more of a self-starter sign up for my web program and practice the tools in simple weekly lessons. 

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