The Drill Sgt. and Co-Dependency

The Drill Sgt. is caught up in co-dependency. He’s caught up in needing everyone else’s approval first and foremost. Then and only then will he let you attend to any esteem or self-respect needs of your own. Well, you know firsthand that there is absolutely no way to meet everyone’s needs. There is always someone who will be unhappy or frustrated or want more or less, or something other than what you’re offering.

Understanding this point and how it impacts you is very important. You see, when you really get that your focus on meeting the needs of others is harming you and preventing you from meeting your own needs, thus forcing you to numb out with your food and body focus coping strategies, you will begin to allow for the possibility that you might better serve yourself and others by attending to your needs first. Now as far as the Drill Sgt. is concerned, I have just committed a sacrilege. "Meet your own needs before you meet those of others?" He says. "That’s a sure path to ostracism, judgement and vanity." So of course he’s going to have some resistance and uncertainty about a new way of thinking. It’s time to ask yourself how well the old way of thinking is working for you.

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