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If you do what you’ve always done… ~ Another stellar tool in my proverbial belt

If you do what you've always done Drill sergeant, voice of my long gone mother, internal dialogue that diminishes and lies to me, you better be shaking in your boots, because I have discovered one more tangible thing to do to overcome you. I have, here on my safety tool belt that I have festooned with colourful stickers of flowers of every kind, so it matches my laptop and cell phone, along with my other tools (eat nuts instead of junk, read the label to avoid eating x, y, z; track daughter’s  menstrual cycles simultaneously, how to ‘ground’, what to put in homemade fresh juices and why, etc.), another tool that I picked up in my day to day media scrounges. I’m a very curious animal and am constantly rooting through the internet and available tv media on all 400+ channels and now that I am processing all this intense evolutionary stuff through my experience working with CEDRIC philosophy, I am learning much more about myself than I ever knew possible. (more…)

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