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Tandem Healing by Tina Budeweit

Tandem Healing by Tina BudeweitThere is something profoundly significant in the support of friendships. When we have someone or a few trustworthy and beloved someones who know us, have history with us, and have a wish to help us, we are miles ahead of those who don’t. I was thinking, on my journey to wellness, how much easier it would be to get more motivated to get out if I have a friend who would be willing to go for walks out in the green spaces of the region with me. Then, as I was sitting on my balcony with my first coffee, in the early morning fogginess, pondering the vista of Esquimalt harbour in front of me, that led me to thinking … what about ‘tandem healing’? Not just the healing of friendships or having a friend badger you to get off your duff and get out with them so you get more physically active, but how about having a friend who also has ‘issues’ that they want to have re-aligned, go into the CEDRIC community and process the literature and workshops together? Of course, it would require the patience needed of the other to give them the time and space to do the work that is individual to each of the friend’s healing process, but doesn’t it make sense that if friendship and camaraderie in a trusted environment is healing, then taking an intentional path together toward wellness would not only expedite the individual healing process through the support available, but wouldn’t that tandem healing also deepen the friendship? Two eagles fly by me as I write this and I see it as an omen. (more…)

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