Don’t Binge – Try Natural Holiday Eating

Don’t Binge – Try Natural Holiday Eating

If you look forward to the holidays with feelings of anxiety in the pit of your stomach at the thought of the food and the many opportunities to overeat that will be presented to you in the weeks to come, don’t fear and don’t binge – try natural holiday eating instead.
If you eat naturally, you have no genuine cause for concern about gaining weight or being a weight that is higher than your natural body weight at any time of year. If you’re a natural eater, you feel safe being around any kind of food in any quantity anytime because you know that you will:
  • Eat when you’re hungry;
  • Stop when you’re full;
  • Make honoring choices the majority of the time (choices that enhance your health and overall wellbeing);
  • And make choices to have the processed and refined treats that abound at this time of year in moderation.
That’s the natural eater’s experience of the holidays, they’re no big deal. Food is a fun, tasty part of the holiday package not some horrific peer-pressure test looming in the distance.

So, here’s how to get to the fun, peaceful side of food and the holidays.

1. Invite yourself to ask yourself before you eat anything: Am i truly hungry? yes? Then eat. No? Then ask yourself: What might just have happened or what might I be thinking about that is making me feel anxious or unsettled and therefore triggering me to want to eat or focus on food and my weight to distract, numb or soothe myself?

2. What is one thing I can do to take action towards resolving that stressor and to feel more peaceful in this moment?

Let’s say you’re thinking about going home for the holidays and seeing Uncle Jim who is a complete, mysoginistic ass and always has a snide comment to direct your way. And you’re naturally feeling anxious anticipating being the same room with him, let alone speaking to him. 

What can you do to feel more peaceful now?  

You could reassure yourself that you’ll simply ask him, whenever he lays his line on you: “What is your intention in saying that?”; or “I’m not sure I understand what you mean can you say that again?”  – Make him repeat himself – make him explain himself – don’t just absorb it – make him do his work and in so doing make him look like an ass!  Ahhh, I feel better already!

Of you could reassure yourself that he’s really just a dick and it doesn’t matter what he says – everyone thinks he’s a jerk, no one has the courage to say anything but no one takes anything he says to heart either. So, maybe we steer  clear of him and if he does happen to catch up with you we lay our line on him and let him know that things have changed. 

You could also just choose not to go if there isn’t enough in the way of warm, loving encounters to be had to warrant putting up with Uncle Jim.  That is a great act of self-care and will make you feel peaceful right away. 

If you choose this option you’ve got to call the host and let them know right away – don’t make excuses – just say you’re not feeling up to the social event at this time and you’re going to take some time out for yourself and just rest.

Binging happens because you’re stressed and not handling it well. End of story. Learn how to respond appropriately to stress and how to diminish it in your life and the binging disappears and you lose weight naturally – without effort – without diets.

I’ve been there and I’ve done it and so have many clients I’ve counselled over the past 20 years. Let me show you how. 

Love Michelle

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