Judging Food Feeds Emotions

Certain foods which you have labeled as “bad” become loaded with energy and judgement. This judgement is passed on to you for eating these foods or for even thinking about eating them. While you gnaw on a carrot, you may judge or envy others for eating certain foods that are on your “restricted” list. You may feel as though everyone is watching you, watching what you order or noticing the more-than-ample portion. Eating in restaurants can be torture for someone who has rampant Diet Mentality. Their worth is completely wrapped up in their body and their relationship with food, and they believe that everyone else thinks the same of them. Therefore, everyone must be watching what they have ordered and judging it in the same way they are judging themselves. This is not so. You may have noticed when you’re eating with friends and family, you can’t even really be present, pay attention to what they’re saying, or really enjoy their company because you are so focussed on food and your body. This is just a coping strategy, trying to draw your attention to the unmet needs for security and acceptance in that moment, which your Diet Mentality only serves to exacerbate.

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