How to Stop Using Food to Cope

I’m glad you’re here at The CEDRIC Centre Website. The link below will lead you to an hour long conference call where I answered questions for a caller about how to stop using food to cope; particularly, how to stop eating so much between meals so that she could actually be hungry for and enjoy meals. You’ll hear how I walked her through a key recovery tool and how by the end of that conversation she was feeling significantly more relaxed and confident of her ability to attend social functions without using food to cope. So, please take a moment to download the call and listen when you get a chance. And if you’d like to have an opportunity to join a free conference call and ask your own questions please register for our free on-line newsletter which will keep you posted on upcoming calls and how to take part. Have a great day! Michelle “>How to Stop Using Food to Cope (Right mouse click/Download)  

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