Goal Setting and the Inner Child

If there is any part of you that resists engaging in the process of goal setting, I’ll bet it’s your inner child who is deathly afraid of schedules and structure. You see, your inner child is very, very accustomed to the Drill Sgt.’s high-pressure tactics and motivation by criticism. And she is so very reluctant to set herself up for any potential failure. To your inner child, having a clearly-established goal, especially around food and body stuff, is like walking into the lion’s den. It is to be avoided at all costs. Your inner child’s reason for all this resistance is quite understandable. It is directly related to the perfectionism that we carry as disordered eater’s (which is personified by the Drill Sgt.). We received the message from key people in our lives, that we are not acceptable as we are, and many of us have been carrying this belief since we were small children. In our efforts to distance ourselves from this painful thought, we strove to be the best. And so, in a misguided effort to prove our value, we strive to do more, be more, produce more etc., repeatedly compromising our needs to gain that elusive external approval. Take some time to consider how you might meet the needs of both the inner child and the Drill Sgt. With conscious awareness, you can remove the stress around goal setting and step out of the avoidance cycle.

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