Weekly Centering Update – We Love Feedback

Well, it’s been an amazing week at CEDRIC. We’ve received some really touching and wonderful feedback which I’ll share a bit of with you, plus we’re preparing for a full house at our Phase I intensive workshop this weekend. These events are so fabulous in the change they create for our guests in such a short period of time. I’m very excited for all who are in attendance!! We’ll have some feedback from them to share with you next week. We have a public educational event in Kelowna happening on Wednesday, August 18th, from 6:30 – 9:00 at the Okanagan Public Library. I welcome any of you in the area who would like to meet me and learn some of our tools and philosophy to come and join us. The fee for the evening is $39.00 and you will receive some great information, tools and handouts to take away with you. If you’d like to register just email me or call: mmorand@cedriccentre.com 1-866-383-0797. I am gearing up in a big way for the move to Vancouver and the formal opening of Vancouver CEDRIC’s doors in early September, so it’s a busy but supremely exciting time all around. I am blessed to have amazing staff and a wonderful team here in Victoria and have made some great connections for support staff (body workers, additional counsellors) in Vancouver.  More details to follow as things unfold. Some feedback from this week: J (An individual client) “Thank you for once again connecting the dots for me and reminding me in an interactive way how to use the tools I have. I am much more peaceful and confident in my whole life. I appreciate your wisdom, knowledge and kindness.” S (A Web Program Client) “I take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate you, your book, your philosophy and the many valuable tools you make so freely available to all of us who suffer from this terrible dependence on harmful coping strategies. I want you to know how significantly my life has improved in so many ways since I began to study and apply your process, and that I have every confidence in an eventual complete recovery in which I will feel entirely comfortable, capable and even joyful anywhere and with anyone. Thank you, Michelle.” CR (A CEDRIC Blog Enthusiast about my article from last week.) “Thank you so much, Michelle, you really nailed it this time — the small child in all of us (especially ME) needs gentle, loving, re-parenting. My own particular Drill Sergeant is the voice of my perfectionist anxiety-ridden mother. Better to try to re-parent late than never! We do need to “Stay with Ourselves” but also take half a step back and SEE the sad little girl who needs informed, mature parenting. Thanks for your wonderful blog.” Have a fantabulous week! The CEDRIC Centre - Michelle Morand

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