CEDRIC News – Michelle on your local TV -February 2, 2009

CEDRIC NewsMichelle’s Morand’s A-Channel Adventure by Tina Budeweit-Weeks, CEDRIC Correspondent As the first week in February is recognized as National Eating Disorders Week, in order to draw more attention to the concerns related to it, CEDRIC’s Michelle Morand was interviewed first thing Monday morning on the A Channel’s breakfast show. She was a vision of serenity in a simple black outfit offset by a long woven scarf in warm autumn colours draped casually across one shoulder. Newscaster Erick Thompson asked some great questions around society’s increased need for CEDRIC’s approach and Michelle’s calm answers were clear, concise and gently worded, providing the viewing audience with an example of the gentle way issues around eating disorders are handled at CEDRIC. The Centre’s Website and Blog were also featured with the addresses displayed prominently on the bottom half of the screen. When asked if more men were coming to seek help around eating disorders, Michelle’s answer was quick but gentle in inviting media to share some of the responsibility for the marked increase in numbers of young men with food and body image concerns. Michelle pointed out that in today’s world, the media’s constant message that one must be thin to be acceptable is being imposed on men with greater intensity in the past decade and as a result men are responding with more disordered eating behaviour. When asked how it felt to be interviewed, Michelle laughed and said “I felt pretty trendy coming into work, dropping off some papers, walking over to the TV station for an on air interview and then popping into the coffee shop on the way back, oh yeah, I could do that every day.” Obviously, some people are much calmer about being in front of the camera than others. I believe that regular features with Michelle on the Morning Show would be advantageous to anyone who could benefit from being freed from their issues in relationship to food.

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