Virtual Workshops on Eating Disorders – 1 hr Teleclasses

Virtual Workshops on Eating Disorders Download the recorded one hour teleclasses with Michelle if you are unable to join in live.

The teleclass series highlight segments of our transformative weekend workshops. We designed these of course to reach as many people as possible, but particularly for those who don’t have access to the specific counselling we provide due to location, finances or just a state of readiness to ask for help.  The principles learned in the CEDRIC material not only help you deal with disordered eating, they can help anyone using a coping strategy they wish to stop, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc. get closer to their goal by teaching them why they do what they do and how to retrain their brain on many levels.

You will find a variety of topics covered to help you attain the healthy relationship with food and body image that you seek.

These are great lessons to own and replay when you need a pep talk so please play them more than once and the repeated message will surely pay off!

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Teleclass #1 (download)

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