Unchecked Overwhelm Fuels the Food Desire

The truth is that your relationship with food will be free and easy, relaxed and peaceful UNLESS you are using food to cope with some underlying problem that you believe is out of your control.  You won’t overeat or feel the need to restrict because you’ll only feel called to eat when you’re hungry, and you’ll be present enough in your world and in your body to know when you’re full and to stop.  Therefore, whether you’re overweight or underweight, it’s a sign you’re using food to cope because of some underlying problem. Food itself isn’t the problem, neither is your body. Your relationship with food and your body are symptomatic of how overwhelmed you feel by other aspects of your life. Find out and heal what’s really triggering your overwhelm and you’ll have the key to forever overcoming your stressful relationship with food and your feelings of frustration and loathing for your body. The path is simple and lasts a lifetime.

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