Tips for Natural Eating: IV

If you’re just tuning in for the first time and notice that this article is called Tips for Natural Eating: IV, you’re right if you assume there were three others in this series. You may want to start with #1 as it will make a lot more sense that way ( Or you may want to start with this one and read back as you feel the need. Either way, enjoy! And if you have any questions pertaining to natural eating that you’d like me to address let me know. M. Last Week I shared one of the most powerful tools out there for shifting your harmful relationship with food. If you haven’t tried it I recommend you go to the blog and read the article: Tips for Natural Eating III and give it a good solid go before doing anything else. If you have tried it I’ll bet you’re feeling more relaxed and on top of things and like you’re starting to really understand what’s up and why you do what you do. Here’s the place to begin to ask yourself to be more present around food and to stop and check in before eating anything to ask: Am I physically hungry right now? And if not, what might be going on to trigger me to want to use food to cope? And remember, you want to invite yourself to stay present so that you can know when you’re full too! A great way to do this is to start by taking a little less food on your plate or in your bowl than you normally would. Let yourself know that if you’re still hungry when you’re done that amount you can have more and that this is just a good way of creating a natural check in point. If you’re resistant to starting with less by the way, it’s a great indicator that you’re using food to cope and that you’re wanting to overeat and /or that you don’t trust yourself to let yourself have more later. Check in about whether you’re truly hungry and see what comes up – remember the tool from last week is a great resource for dealing with any thoughts that is driving you to want to use food to cope. Have an awesome week! And, by the way, if you’re getting a lot out of these articles just imagine what you’d get out of an hour on the phone! 🙂

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