Tips for Natural Eating: III

Tips for Natural Eating – Okay folks, how did you do with the homework from last week? Did you make yourself a little care package and carry some things with you at all times?If not, why not? What got in your way? And would you be willing to give it a go this week?If you did do the homework what did you notice? Typically people notice that they binge less, think about food less and eat more healthily over all when they have snacks with them and allow themselves to eat when they are hungry throughout the day. Last week I spoke about all or nothing thinking. For this week I want to encourage you to do a little inner exploration. Whenever you notice that you’re anxious or wanting to use food to cope stop and ask yourself what you were just thinking about; what were you just telling yourself that was making you anxious or want to use food to cope? Then ask yourself if there is any all or nothing thinking in that story. I guarantee you there will be. This is a significant discovery because it proves to you and your Drill Sgt. that whenever you’re feeling anxious or wanting to use food to cope it’s because you’ve just been telling yourself an all or nothing story and not because of anything that’s really happening in the present moment.This means that your anxiety and your use of food truly are simply coping strategies – ways of being in an uncomfortable situation (the all or nothing story) without being aware of how uncomfortable you are.You see, if you’ve told yourself an all or nothing story about something you’ve given yourself the message that there is only one possible way things can go. And if you don’t like the way you’ve told yourself that they’re going to go, you have to find some way to numb out or detach from the story and from the feelings of powerlessness it creates in you. Enter Food! What a great way to take your mind off that scary story and put it on to something tangible and obvious that you can really (pardon the pun) sink your teeth into. The solution really is quite simple: Notice when you’re feeling anxious, ask yourself what story you just told yourself to trigger that anxiety, ask if there’s any all or nothing thinking in that story and then ask yourself to come up with at least 3 other possibilities. You’ll immediately feel a sense of release and one of those other three possibilities will clearly stand out as more likely than your original all or nothing story.That immediate release means that you don’t feel as anxious and you don’t need food to cope. You also learn to notice immediately when the Drill Sgt. and his all or nothing thinking are up to no good and to choose to focus your attention on more honoring and more likely outcomes. Have an awesome week! And if you find this article helpful – consider joining our new web program It’s a great way to see yourself consistently moving forward in changing your stressful relationship with food and to be done with it once and for all. Love Michelle

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