Starved, a show about eating disorders is inline with a recent affair last January 10th 2005 , when a spate of stars has come out as having eating disorders. Tween Queen Mary- Kate Olsen, Jamie Lyn Sigler Discala of The Sopranos, former Spice Girl Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckhman, Christina Ricci, Fiona Apple, and Brandy, to name but a recent few. Heck, even little Lisa Simpson from the hit show, The Simpson’s had a recent episode where she flirted with an eating disorder in order to get social approval. And now, F/X, an American cable channel, is in talks to produce a new show about four friends struggling to make it in LA. In “Starved,” each of the stars on the show will have an eating disorder, mirroring just how commonplace eating disorders actually are among women, on TV and off. “I think seeing eating disorders on prime time television is a mixed blessing,” says Michelle Morand, founder and director of The CEDRIC Centre. “On the one hand, if it’s educating people about eating disorders, it’s a good thing, because it’s creating awareness. But there’s that old saying, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and there are actually studies showing that television shows aimed at discouraging kids from eating disordered behaviors arenot much of a deterrent and in some cases, the shows are used as a “how to.” The CEDRIC Centre specializes in the treatment of clinical eating disorders, sub-clinical disordered eating patterns, and related issues such as anxiety, depression, and distorted body image. Their registered clinical counselors provide bodywork, group, and individual counselling, as well as community outreach presentations for schools, educators, and health professionals. All of The CEDRIC Centre’s counsellors have recovered from an eating disorder, and are proud to have facilitated the recovery of hundreds of men and women in Victoria , BC and beyond.  

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