Social engagements

Social engagements, when you live in the Diet Mentality, are always first and foremost about how you will look at the event, whose approval you seek and what you must look like or wear in order to get this approval. At some point, after you have exhausted yourself planning how you are going to achieve this miraculous weight loss or toning in the few short days, weeks or months you have before the big event, you may actually find yourself asking if you really want to go. Making decisions to attend or not attend social events based predominantly on how you look or how you expect others will judge your physical appearance is total and complete Diet Mentality. It is buying hook, line and sinker into the story that you are nothing more than a body, and your appearance is what gives you value. Ultimately, we all get to a place where, either by conscious choice or by believing we have no choice at all, we let go of our belief that we need external approval or validation, and we allow ourselves to risk experimenting with validating and approving of ourselves.

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