The Self-Esteem Brownie Recipe

The Self-Esteem Brownie Recipe

Forget about edible brownies! Try The Self-Esteem Brownie Recipe and see how quickly the way you think about yourself and the way you relate to others in the world changes. It makes the world a much tastier place to be!

For starters you have to be willing to acknowledge that your stress about food or drinking or drugs or gambling or that relationship you just can seem to get over, or out of, is not about that. You must be at least open to the possibility that your stress about those things, while in part impacted by those obvious triggers, is actually about the way you are thinking about yourself and about your place in the world. If you are open to that possibility, try the self-esteem brownie recipe and prove it to yourself. Then sit back and watch as your world simply changes for the better and you feel more peaceful and confident than you ever imagined.

Once you are able to recognize that any energy around food that isn’t peaceful is simply an indicator that you’re feeling unsettled about something (or a number of things) and you’ve just kicked over your manageable stress threshold into maxed out, needing-food-to-cope land, then your automatic default will no longer be to get hooked and ride the train of food focus and self-flagellation, instead, your reaction will be empathy and compassion.  You will stop. You will breathe. You will say:

“Wait, I’m getting hooked into food focus here that isn’t feeling peaceful or good. That means I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed about something. What was I just thinking/what just happened that might have triggered me to feel at all anxious/unsettled/…pressured? And what am I telling myself that means? And was there any all-or-nothing thinking in that thought? If so, how else could it possibly go? And do I think that outcome is equally or more likely?”

There’s your recipe. It’ll make a perfect batch of self-esteem brownies every time!

Write out your answers to those questions whenever you notice you’re feeling anxious or thinking about using your coping strategy (binging, drinking, internet etc.). You’ll be amazed!!

Love Michelle

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