What Does Self-Care Mean?

What Does Self-Care Mean?

Self-care means taking care of all of you; your emotional self, psychological self, spiritual self and physical self.

If one of these areas is being ignored or set on the back burner, all others will suffer.

If you have an ailment that you have been putting up with and have allowed yourself to be satisfied with treating only its symptoms, you can trust that your overall state of emotional, psychological and spiritual awareness is suffering as well.

It’s hard to feel safe being aware of your body when you’re in pain. And if your Drill Sgt., with his intrusive ideation, has gotten you there, you may have convinced yourself that you have some life-threatening illness, and it is better not to know. And so you eat to numb from the pain and from the fear/anxiety that those scary thoughts of death and doom trigger.

Also, many of us who use food to cope, whether we restrict or binge or purge, are certain it shows. We assume that others can tell we binged or purged or didn’t eat and we feel exposed and fraudulent. This makes us insecure and likely to put ourselves beneath others in our minds and in the world, leading often to unsatisfying relationships and to feeling overrun and taken advantage of in every area of our lives.

Self-care is a key element of self-esteem. You can’t expect to feel good about yourself and have confidence in yourself if you’re not meeting your basic needs for reasonable nutrition and health. That is why those who restrict as a means of feeling better about themselves only find themselves feeling worse and more anxious and depressed. 

Self-care and self-esteem are linked. If you want to feel good about yourself and to feel safe in relationships and worthy of love you must learn to identify the behaviours and thoughts that keep you stuck feeling anxious and insecure and change those. Then your relationship with food and your weight will naturally shift to a healthy, easy, peaceful, sexy you.

I’m here to help you if you’re ready. Change is simple and speedy when you have simple tools that work and a supportive guide to show you how to apply them.  That’s my whole purpose in being a specialist in this field. I’ve helped thousands of men and women worldwide to get help for binge eating, emotional eating, eating disorders and weight loss that lasts. These tools work equally well for other common coping strategies like drinking, gambling, raging, isolating, procrastinating, internet addiction and more.

Email me and ask about the different ways I can help you learn how to stop binging and any other harmful pattern that you’d like to change.

Love Michelle

There are so many ways you can begin to demonstrate self-care for your physical Self. Just choose one that really fits for you right now and get started. By “get started” I mean first with compassionate goal-setting and then with the actual attainment of the goal.

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