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Transformative Intensive Weekend Workshops

Transformative Intensive Weekend WorkshopsTransformative Intensive Weekend WorkshopsTransformative Intensive Weekend Workshops

Hello out there in our CEDRIC community! I’m pleased to announce that CEDRIC is offering our Phase I Intensive Weekend Workshop takes place in Vancouver, a Phase II Transformative Weekend Workshop April 20th to 22nd and a Phase III workshop May 11th to 13th.

We have a Phase I three-day Weekend Workshop in Victoria, June 1st to 3rd in Vancouver, and July 20th to 22nd in Victoria and we have a Phase I Transformative Weekend Workshop in Calgary for the first time soon!  Call us for details at 866-383-0797.

These intensives are called ‘transformative’ for a reason! If you’d like to experience rapid and lasting change in your relationship with food and your feelings towards your body, join us for our intensive weekend workshop. For more information email mmorand@cedriccentre.com. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have or contact my assistant, Janice at janice@cedriccentre.com. Come and join us and see how quickly and easily you can forever change your relationship with food!

If you are interested in a Intensive Weekend Workshop in your area, please contact Janice at janice@cedriccentre.com or 866-383-0797 to have your name put on a waiting list in case we organize one near you.

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