Moving Forward One Step at a time

There is an incredible sense of peace and freedom that comes over you when you see yourself consistently taking steps towards your goals and honoring your values and principles more and more in everyday life. You can call it self-respect. You can call it maturity. You can call it balance and groundedness. Whatever you call it, it is a noticeable shift from within and, rather than feeling frightened and battered by the ebb and flow of life, you feel open, aware, ready, and the best one of all….happy. You don’t even have to have realized your goals to experience this amazing state of peace and groundedness. You simply need to see yourself moving forward. I’ve done this piece of work with many clients over the years and, without exception, they find this sense of peace and this distance from anxiety and from the Drill Sgt. instantly, within the first week. It’s amazing.

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