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Living in the present helps ease anxiety

Ask yourself right now, in this moment, if you are physically and emotionally safe? Or are you being threatened, judged or pressured by anyone or any outside influence – not five minutes ago or possibly in one hour, but right now? The answer will very likely be no. Okay then, why the anxiety? Why the distress? Why the level of dis-ease that you are feeling right now?

The answer is that your Drill Sgt. and Authentic Self live life in the past and the future – not the present moment. The past was painful and scary, and you were powerless. And on some level you felt overwhelmed by the behaviour of others. For the record, your pattern of worrying, planning and holding on to the anxiety is definitely not protecting you or keeping you safe. It is sustaining a life of fear and suffering, and enhancing your need for food to cope.

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